Orly Nail polish- is it any good?

There has been some controversy last year about Orly going to China and then possibly not being a cruelty free brand anymore (China requires animal testing by law!) but luckily that turned out as false rumors:

Orly is still cruelty free!

I tried the colors "Super Natural" and "Finishing Touch" and like to share my thoughts on these!

Here is the color: Super Natural

Super Natural looks gorgeous: a shimmery peachy pink with almost a golden sheen to it! Perfect for spring!

Orly Super Natural

Here is the color: Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch is a glittery silver pink. I thought that it will look more like 2 colors swirled together but when applied it all becomes one color which made me a bit sad. The color reminds me somehow on the 80s: very funky! ;-)

Orly Finishing Touch

Here comes the good and the bad: 

I love the colors! They are both very unique. Both dried super quick and are very opaque (even after only one coat).

BUT: both colors chipped very fast! "Finishing Touch" chipped already after a day and "Super Natural" after around 3 days. I usually do not have big problems with chipping of nail polish and was very surprised about this.

I hope that I had bad luck with these 2 colors but at the moment I do not really want to try any other Orly nail polishes and don´t find I can recommend these... :-( (If you are looking for an affordable cruelty free nail polish: try Wet ´n Wild instead! Amazing stuff!)

Have you ever tried Orly nail polishes? Was is only bad luck?

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