All about my wedding!

So, I was "spring cleaning" my closet and found my old wedding dress. I thought to myself: why do I still have this? But then it came to me: I´m creating a little "All about my wedding" tag! I told you already that my wedding was one of the smallest weddings ever! ;-)

I can not believe that I fit again into my wedding dress thanks to my beloved low-carb diet I started in December.

Dress: H&M (Vintage)
Eyes: Urban Decay Naked 3
Blush: BH Cosmetics Blush palette

If you like to know more about my wedding, please go ahead and check out my YouTube video!

TAG QUESTIONS (my answers are in the video above):

1. Did you ever wear your wedding dress again?
2. Do you still have the jewelry, accessories and shoes from your wedding? (show it!)
3. How did your husband propose?
4. How old were you when you married?
5. Describe your wedding! Did anything happen that wasn´t planned? Something else that you will never forget that happened that day?
6. If you could turn back time, would you change anything on your wedding day?
7. Describe your wedding make up! Did you do it yourself?
8. Show a photo of your wedding!
9. Put your wedding dress on! (show it!)
10. Why did you choose this dress and do you still like it?

Feel free to do this tag as well!

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