Why I never went to Prom!

The answer why I did not go to prom may surprise you but it is actually quite simple: there is no such thing as prom in Germany! ;-) There might be a self organized little party (our class did not even do that lol!) - but not really something fancy where you dress up like here in the US!

But I wish I could have gone to a prom and wear one of PromTimes dresses! PromTimes is an online retailer, operating throughout the United States and Europe. They have a huge selection of gorgeous dresses (they also offer evening and bridesmaid dresses) and I am talking thousands of dresses! You name it: pink, black, blue or gold! They offer every color, style and size you can imagine. I am very happy to see that they also have a wide selection of plus size prom dresses. 

PromTimes.co.uk is headquartered in Beijing and does not have any stores or sales offices outside of China. Prices seem very reasonable to me and start with £30.00 (about $44) and go up to £219 (about $323). Right now they offer 75% off on many 2015 Prom Dresses plus Free Shipping if you order more then £200. They cut costs by working directly with suppliers, then pass the savings on to their customers. 

You can choose your own color for each dress (28 colors to choose from!) and sizes range from 6-30 (did you know there is a size 30?) but you can also pick your own "custom size" and tell them your measurements!  Other than that if you need to modify the style/length/material in any way, you can tell their customer service (can be reached at Sales@PromTimes.co.uk). But there might be some extra charge for that.

Now if I imagine I could turn back time and go to prom here in the US, which dress would I choose? So hard! I definitely would choose a long & flowy dress and I love all the pastel colors PromTimes has to offer.

Here are some of my personal picks:

See also Customer Testimonials (scroll down) with photos of them wearing a dress fro PromTimes.

If you have more questions about PromTimes, check out their FAQ.

Find PromTimes dresses here.

Disclaimer: Thank you PromTimes for sponsoring this post. Read my full disclosure.