FASHION OVER 40: CAN YOU WEAR A LEATHER MOTORCYCLE JACKET IN SUMMER? Have you ever had not enough gas in your tank? In the middle of a desert? Well, we did! It was a couple of years back in California- somewhere near Barstow: we forgot to keep track if we have enough gas- also: we thought there will be gas stations everywhere, cause usually there is!

But there weren´t any! And then there was this volcano (The Amboy Crater) we saw by accident and decided to check out also.

Well, when we realized that our tank was almost empty, we had to turn off the A/C and my husband tried to drive a "perfect speed" to get the most out of our car. We saw on our (paper) map (back then there was no GPS lol) that we must soon drive through a town. But when we drove through it, we realized that this town had no gas station at all- it consisted of maybe 5 buildings! It was so hot in the car and our water was gone by now too.

We actually already thought that we might have to walk to a gas station. What a relieve when we finally found a gas station! Twice the price but who cares? We almost rolled there- it was truly last minute!

Since that happened to us I always make sure, we have enough gas and water! ;-)

Ever been (nearly) without gas?

Leather Jacket (Fake): Vintage
Dress: dressbarn
Sunglasses: Armani Exchange
Pumps: Target
Earrings: Target

To answer my question: well, as long as it isn´t too hot for it, why not wear a motorcycle jacket in summer?