Fishtail with a twist!

This hairstyle is inspired by a tutorial from Amber Fillerup from She does the most amazing hair tutorials- if you are into braided hair tutorials, you should check out her YouTube channel.

It is basically a fishtail with a "normal braid" stacked on top!

1. Pull one big strand aside
2. Clip it on top of your head
3. With the rest of the hair braid a fishtail

(If you do not know how to do a fishtail, I have a tutorial here:)

4. Take the hair you clipped on top of your head and braid a "normal" braid.
5. Take a couple of hair pins to clip the "normal" braid on top of your fishtail- right in the middle!
6. Voila! The result looks very complicated but this is really easy!
7. Good luck! ;-)