Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman generation Nic's Picks 5 Brush Set

So today I am sharing my thoughts on the Real Techniques set: "Nic´s picks".

In case you are not familiar with Real Techniques: the brand was founded by the sisters Sam & Nic, who became famous on YouTube as Make up artists with their channel pixiwoo. They are both super cute and do wonderful Make up tutorials- with that wonderful British accent. You should check them out for sure!

You can also listen to my German accent, if you like! ;-)

This set comes with 5 (vegan!) brushes:

the duo fiber face brush

This brush works perfect for highlighter! It is so super soft and gets less dense at the top- perfect to only lightly hit the top of your cheekbones! Can not live without this brush anymore!

the cheek brush

This brush is wonderful soft and a great brush for blush! I love it!

angled shadow brush

This brush is my favorite out of these 5! The angled brush is perfect if you have hooded eyes like me. This takes the guessing game "where is my crease?" out of your hands- it magically just hits the right areas! What a wonderful little magic brush!

base shadow brush

Nic´s picks Base Shadow Brush vs. RT Eyeshadow Base Brush

This brush is exactly the same like the "normal" purple Real Techniques Base Shadow brush, except that the handle is silver and looks (in my opinion) prettier and more elegant. This is a great basic brush to apply eyeshadow right on your lids.

eyeliner brush

Nic´s picks eyeliner brush vs. Real Techniques Brow brush

The eyeliner brush is way smaller then the Brow brush that comes in the purple Real Techniques set and I love it because you can do better detail work- but my fave is to use it on my lower lash line.

My verdict: There is no looser in this set- all 5 brushes are beautiful, super soft and also pretty.

Now the duo fiber face brush and the base shadow brush you can get also separately- but the other 3 brushes are exclusively in this set only available.

I think this is a wonderful set you must get, if you are still in need of brushes. Affordable, yet super quality! It´s not only Nic´s picks, it´s also Sissi´s picks! ;-)

Get it on Amazon ($29.99).

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