Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Cream & Kai Perfume Oil Review

Today I like to share with you my review for 2 wonderful products from the website: Oak Manor Fragrances.

You will find a variety of very unique, luxurious brands on the Oak Manor Fragrances website and I was lucky enough to try the Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Cream (Made in Italy!) and the Kai perfume oil. (Both products are cruelty free).

Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Cream:

"With roots going back over 50 years, Skin&Co Roma is known for their Truffle Therapy Anti-Aging Collection, as well as their Sicilian Light Brightening collection. Beginning with truffle-infused botanical oil blends for personal use, the business has grown and evolved into a popular, and most importantly beneficial, collection of face creams, body lotions, and anti-aging serums. The truffle therapy anti-aging properties are beginning to surface in the scientific world, and Skin&Co Roma is on the forefront of new truffle skincare products. The Truffle Therapy Serum is a favorite at Oak Manor Fragrances, and one we always have for ourselves.

Rich in texture and ingredients to protect and

boosts the skin with potent properties.

Peptides work to produce collagen levels and

elasticity, while Hyluronate Acid plumps fine

lines and reduce appearance of wrinkles.

Rosemary and allantoin help eliminate

redness and stimulate cell regeneration.

African Shea butter hydrates."

What a wonderful cream this is! It feels light weight like a lotion, yet hydrates just wonderfully. It smells clean and fresh, but with some "earthy" undertones- probably coming from the truffles. I feel very divine using a serum containing truffles! It is a good idea to give this bottle a good shake before each pump as the wonderful ingredients seem to separate a little inside. Get it here!

Kai perfume oil

"Kai has been a popular brand on Oprah's list for some time now, and for good reason. The fragrance of Kai perfume is unmatched, and regenerative properties of its hand creams and butters is nothing short of amazing. There are few other brands worth spoiling yourself over more so than Kai. From body polish to body glow, your personal fragrance is taken care. If you're in the need of home fragrance, be sure to check out the home diffusers or Skylight candles. The Nighlight is also a favorite for us.

Kai Perfume Oil is an intoxicating perfume oil fragrance made with essential oils in a convenient and easy to use roll-on vial. Just a dab lasts all day. 
The blend of tropical gardenia and white exotic flowers make for a scent you won't be able to live without."

OK- I admit: when I received first this tiny bottle (1/8 fl oz) I thought they send me only a sample - but after I googled it, I understood: this is not your usual Eau de Toilette which contains only 5-8 percent of perfume oil- this is a pure perfume oil which is the most concentrated or purest form of a fragrance product, and is the longest-lasting on the skin. 

As such, it is also the most expensive. A true perfume will contain 15 percent or more (typically up to 30 percent) of the essential fragrance. And you truly need only a tiny bit of perfume oil (I like it on my wrists or behind my ears) and you will have the scent linger all day, and all night! 

The scent brought me instantly back a childhood memory: I used to drink jasmine tea in Chinese restaurants with my mom a lot. Very flowery, but not sweet and overpowering- more of light and fresh scent: white flowers and at the same time it smells very "lady like" and elegant and even a bit exotic. I am really loving the Kai perfume oil! Get it here!

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Read my full disclosure.