Kat von D Monarch Eye palette Review

I am hardly able to keep up with all the products that I am trying out and I really need to share my review on the Kat von D Monarch eye palette (that I already have since quite sometime - that is why there is a Christmas ornament on the photo lol).


The colors intrigued me very much- very winter/fall appropriate and that stunning rusty orange color!

The names of the colors are rather scary and not my favorite ("tiny death", "deadhead" lol!)- but of course this fits to the personality of Kat von D! ;-) But it is rather difficult to read the color labels as they are on the back of the palette and I am very confused how to read this - back to front or how?  I simply prefer the name printed under the color.

What I love so much on this palette is that you basically have 3 quads which makes it a bit easier to create eye looks. This is great for beginners or if you do not have the time to get creative!

The first "quad" is by far my favorite. The highlighter or base shade  is completely matte- the gold and brown color are shimmery and the orange color has some very tiny glitter in it- but very subtle.

Here comes the second "quad": the highlighter or base color is a very pigmented silver, it includes a shimmery gorgeous rose gold, a shimmery greyish- silver and a beautiful very flattering matte light taupe color (top on the right). This color is the perfect transition color!

And the third "quad". The highlighter/ base shade has glitter in it- I don´t like it because the glitter has fall out. The grey color has also some glitter but not so much fallout. A nice dark matte mocha color and a deep black matte color- perfect to line the eyes.

Of course you can also create your own looks- but this way it is easy to create right away 3 different looks.

I really love this palette- the colors are crazy pigmented BUT they all have quite a lot fall out, especially the matte colors! It is best to first do the eye make up and then apply your foundation with this palette, so you get to clean up the mess! ;-)

These colors are not colors you have to build up- the tiniest amount will give you a crazy amount of color. I find the palette very versatile. You can do natural looks, but also very evening appropriate or dramatic looks.

This palette became quickly one of my favorites!

The Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette is available at Sephora.