How to do a MESSY BUN (super fast!)

Got no time to get ready, but still want to look pulled together?

This is the fastest messy bun you will ever see! ;-) Takes me about a minute!

All you need is an hair elastic and 3 (or more depending on the thickness of your hair) hair pins!

If you have very fine hair: spray with hair spray or dry shampoo to give your hair more texture and hold!

1. Pull your hair with the elastic into a ponytail

2. Wrap the lower part again into the same elastic

3. Form a little "donut" with your hair

4. Stick in those hair pins- as many as you need (I use 3 large ones!)

Important: Hold the ends of the hair pins closed when you stick them in- they spray open and will hold your hair like this.

5. Do not worry if some strands are not in the bun. After all: we want this to look a bit messy! 

6. Told you: easy & fast! Good luck! ;-)