How to get VOLOOM in your hair!

Got limp, lifeless hair? I have lots of hair but it somehow just lays pretty limp around lol- so I was excited to try the brand new VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron!

The claims:

"The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron is an entirely new type of styling tool, designed specifically to add fabulous volume to your hair. You simply style your hair as you like, then as a finishing step, on dry hair, use VOLOOM to add volume to the under-layers of the hair closest to the scalp. This gives the hair full, healthy, sexy volume."

So, what you do is: 

1. Start with dry hair
2. Clip (clippers included) away the top layers of your hair
3. Wait until the Voloom has the desired temperature
4. Press Voloom for 1 second on the lower layers of your hair directly on your scalp. You can- depending on how long your hair is- go down and press down (on a different area of hair) 2 or 3 times. It is not meant to use on your hair ends but only on the lower layers of your hair around your head. 
5. Voloom creates a structure on the treated area of your hair
6. Take the clippers out and admire the Voloom you got in your hair! :-)

It is not a flat iron or curling iron, so do not pull it in any way down! Just press it together for a second- that is all!

The effect is comparable with teasing your hair, but it lasts longer! It creates somewhat of frizzy hair- but don´t be scared: this is the hair your are hiding with the top layers of hair that you clipped away- you won´t actually see the hair that you treated with this tool.

You have the option to choose the temperature (from 320-395). If your hair is very thin, start low- if you have thick and strong hair you can go higher.

Does this really work? 

YES! It really works! Check my before and after photo! This took me under 5 minutes and I had BIG HAIR!

You can see exactly how to use it in my YouTube video.

Did it last all day? 

YES! While the effect right after using the tool was stronger and my hair (it is heavy!) was weighing the volume after a couple hours a bit down-overall I had really volume for the whole day! Even on the next day I still noticed more volume then without using the Voloom.

If you struggle getting some volume in your hair, this might be the tool you have been waiting for. I do believe that the effect is probably even better with short or shoulder long hair as it won´t weigh down as long thick and heavy hair- does.

Personally I would probably not recommend using this on a daily basis- as with every hot tool- because I would be scared to hurt it. But you probably know best, if your hair can get away with hot tools or not. I have dry hair and don´t want to stress it- but I think this is a great tool to use for special occasions or maybe once a week (for that date night? ;-)

Have you tried it? Intrigued?

If not, you can find more information here:

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.