Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Review

Today I like to introduce you to another German Skin Care brand: Dr. Hauschka. Even though  I lived most of my life in Germany, I have never tried this brand before. It´s kinda funny- now I am thousands of miles away from Germany and try these good old German brands- lol (see also my Sebamed review).

Dr. Hauschka is of course cruelty free!

A litle bit about Dr. Hauschka:

The manufacturer of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care began exclusively as a developer of natural medicines in 1935. In the early days of its history, the company was considered avant-garde and pioneering in a society that was barely aware of homeopathic preparations. 

Natural Ingredients: Raw materials derived from nature Minimal processing, Free of synthetic fragrances, colors and dyes

Safety and PurityNo petroleum-derived synthetics (parabens, propylene glycol, silicones) Exclusively non-toxic processing methods (no PEG’s or Sodium Laureth Sulfate) No nano-engineered or GMO ingredients No irradiation at any stage of production

Holistic Business: Environmentally-responsible harvesting and processing, No animal testing, Socially-responsible business practices

Here is my review:

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream: 

The consistency of Dr. Hauschka´s Cleansing cream reminds me strongly on grits and it also smells like it- or a bit like Oatmeal- lol! I wasn´t expecting to have grains in there and so my first experience was not a pleasant one because I got some of these grains in my eyes- ouch!

The grains feel not hard- they are more like soft cooked grits pieces- but I still had a hard time getting the stuff out of my eyes!

So this cleansing cream is in my opinion not a cleanser to be used alone- but more of a scrub type. Unfortunately I did not really like this product. Can´t use it as a cleanser on my eyes because of the particles but for a scrub it is way to gentle.

Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream:

The Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Day cream is truly a very moisturizing- yet not greasy feeling Moisturizer. It has a light clean scent and it feels very smooth and super hydrating. I think every skin type would profit from this moisturizer- no matter if you have sensitive, oily or dry skin. I really liked it, but would love if it would contain some SPF to make it perfect!

Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner:

The Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner smells somewhat medicine like but clean- it does it´s job for sure! This will get rid of any dirt particles in your skin and is a great toner for those of us that have oily skin or have the tendency to black heads or impurities. Really like it!

Dr. Hauschka Day Oil:

I have combination to oily skin but around my eyes my skin is very dry and I love to use a tiny bit of an oil. I rub the Dr. Hauschka Day oil first between my finger tips and then pat it softly onto the delicate eye area. This smells somewhat like herbs and is a fabulous super moisturizing and gentle oil. I really like it!

Have you ever tried anything from Dr. Hauschka?

BTW: lot´s of stars swear by the Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream which I must try next! ;-)

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