Do you use already (another) Method? It is no secret that I am a fan of Method! I featured them countless times on my blog and they were one of my Hair & Body winners of 2014!

Not only is Method cruelty free but they are also environmental friendly! 

Meet Adam Lowry and Eric Cryan, the founders of Method! The idea of Method came after being exposed to toxic ingredients in their cleaning supplies. Eric knew people wanted cleaning products they didn’t have to hide under their sinks and Adam knew how to make them without any dirty ingredients!  

I really like to feature Method in a stand alone post to raise awareness, how cheap it can be to buy cruelty free products. Unfortunately most cleaning products in our shelves are not cruelty free- and if they are cruelty free they are usually very pricey- well NOT with Method!

Method always brings out seasonal "Limited Edition" body washes and the "Vanilla Creme" from the summer edition was one of my favorites. Now for the Fall Limited Edition- they all smelled rather masculine but there I had the chance to stock up for my husband (because finding an affordable cruelty free body wash for men is even harder then for women!)

Our family uses the body washes (white tea is one of my faves),  hand soaps (I love pear and waterfall!), dish soap (lemon and cucumber are my favorite), toilet cleaner (smells like peppermint) and I tried the wood floor cleaner, which is the only product that I did not really enjoy because the almond scent does not seem fresh and clean to me.

So, do YOU use already (another) Method? If not, you should try it out sometime! ;-)

Method is available at Target, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie and Publix or Amazon.

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