TOO FACED Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar vs TOO FACED Chocolate Bar!

For 3 weeks I have been using nothing but the NEW Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar to make up my mind! It amazes me how quickly some girls upload their reviews on YouTube- some within a day of receiving the palette. I like to really try things out before I write about them! ;-) So, today I like to compare the first Too Faced Chocolate bar with the new Semi-Sweet Chocolate bar to find out, if you really need it!

And yes: Too Faced is of course cruelty free! :-)

Too Faced eyeshadows are always wonderful to work with and this palette is definitely no let down either! I truly enjoy using my Semi-Sweet palette! The colors are wonderfully to work with and the neutral shades are just right up my alley. All colors blend easy, are nicely pigmented, have no fall out - plus it smells (just like it´s older sister) beautifully like chocolate. Yummy!

Keep in mind that "Pink Sugar" is only a glittery topper- so do not expect any pigmentation from that one.

"Blueberry Swirl" is a nice settle turquoise-blue that is not too crazy pigmented- but exactly this is what makes it easy to use - without looking like from the 80s lol. A blue that you can not mess up!

I was hesitant first if I should get the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar because I right away noticed that a couple of colors looked pretty darn close to the First Chocolate Bar.

I was wrong though with Marzipan & Bonbon- they looked very similar in the pan but when I swatched them, they were not

I was also wrong with Creme Brulee & Caramel- they did not at all swatch the same, even though they look very much alike in the pan.

But now we are getting to the colors that are in fact really, really similar!

Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel look very similar. Peanut Butter is a bit darker but you can build Salted Caramel up to make it look almost the same.

Truffled & Semi-Sweet look like dupes.

Frosting & Hazelnut are super similar!

Cocoa Chili and Gilded Ganache are both are "dirty" dark brown color with some tiny golden sparkle in it. Even though Gilded Ganache looks more green in the pan- they apply pretty darn close.

Mousse and Milk Chocolate are vey similar as well. (Both colors work BTW great to use for your eyebrows if your are blonde!)

Coconut Creme and White Chocolate are almost identical.

But it get´s more crazy! 

Look what I did!

I misplaced the colors of the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar to show you how similar both palettes actually are! OK! Here comes a confusing photo- it should just show you how I misplaced all the colors of the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar.

And here is the result!

You see the original Chocolate Bar on the top and below is the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar with misplaced colors. It is all the original colors the Semi-Sweet has- but on a different spot.

Why did I do this? I think this shows pretty good, how similar the 2 palettes actually are. All the "X´s" show the colors that are very similar or even dupes.

So, we do have 6 pretty darn close dupes in both palettes and 2 colors that are really close. With a total of 16 colors, you can say that about half of them are unique colors and the other half is not.

The  Semi-Sweet has a couple very unique colors like Rum Raisin or Blueberry Swirl but it is mostly on the very neutral side.


The First Chocolate bar has a little more color options as it offers 3 purple shades, a berry shade, a pink shade and even a pinkish highlighter. Personally I do not reach out so much to purple-colors- but the variety of colors is definitely better with the first palette.


So, do you NEED the second palette?

There is 2 answers:

If you are a make up collector, Beauty Blogger, Make up enthusiast, Make up hoarder and fan and have still not decided: YES! I could not imagine not having the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar! I truly love it!

But if you are NOT a Beauty Blogger and are conscious about how much money you spend on Make up and are looking for unique colors: I am gonna say ice cold: NO! You do not need this palette. You will be able to create most looks with the First Chocolate Bar. It is not worth to invest just for the colors Rum Raisin and Blueberry Swirl!.

Personally I would get any of their palettes- because now that I have 2 of them and



How about a White Chocolate Bar next?

I have even more to say about this in my YouTube video!