I have not tried 1 or 2 but 4 different Ulta foundations plus a primer! Crazy right? Why Ulta? I love to try Ulta products because Ulta is affordable, there is always some kind of sale going on and yes: ULTA IS CRUELTY FREE! Hooray for that.

Ulta Fabulous Face Foundation Primer ($12.50)

This is one of these gel like primers (like Smashbox or benefit) and I really like it. My skin feels smooth and silky and it reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles and gives a matte finish.

Ulta Adjustable Coverage Foundation ($14)

This is probably not working for those girls with dry skin. It gives a real nice matte finish. I would say you can achieve a medium coverage but it is buildable.

When used wet with the sponge I find it can get streaky. Personally I am scared of any kind of sponges because of the bacteria, so I am not gonna try this again. But I admit: if you have enough time to smooth those streaks out, you can achieve a high coverage and the powder becomes almost undetectable on your skin. It just really needs some time to blend it all in. This product is Made in Italy which I found kinda fancy! ;-)

Ulta Minerals Powder Foundation ($14)

This is a loose powder foundation so the application can get messy. It gives a matte medium coverage. I like it! Again: I do not think this is suited for dry skin.

Ulta Double Duty Foundation ($14)

This is my personal winner of all the Ulta Foundations! It is a super heavy thick paste with a medium to full coverage- buildable onto your needs. Even though it is a thick paste it applies very smooth and easy onto my skin- it feels like it is whipped. The finish is matte. And it smells like Marzipan! :-)

The only thing I don´t like about this foundation is that the rubber like tube is getting really quick messy and I feel the need to constantly clean it. This is actually my go to foundation at the moment and I love it so much and can highly recommend it if you have combination to oily skin.

I do again not think this is working for those with dry skin- except maybe if you prepare your skin with a good moisturizer. This product is also fancily made in Italy! ;-)

Ulta Color Correcting Foundation & Primer Stick ($14)

This foundation stick reminds me strongly on the Maybelline Fit me Foundation stick (remember: Maybelline is not cruelty free). It has a green core to correct any redness on your skin. It applies super smooth and delivers a full coverage.

This one is probably a wonderful foundation for those ladies with dry skin! It gives shine and moisturizes. For me it is too much to use all over my face because it makes me look too shiny but I love using it as a concealer (that is what I used to do with the Maybelline one too). It even works under my eyes and does not crease into my fine lines!

In my YouTube video you can see these products "in action".

To sum it up:

My two winners are the Ulta Double Duty Foundation together with the Ulta Color Correctin Foundation & Primer stick (used as a concealer) but I do not think that any of these products are bad. They all deliver and I can recommend them. No loser here!

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Ever tried any of these? Thoughts?

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