I think I look a bit crazy on this pic, don´t I? Well, maybe it is cause I am really crazy about all my November Faves! LOL!

Let´s get right away started- or if you are too lazy to read and love German accents, watch my YouTube video! ;-)

One of my very new faves is the e.l.f. Essential Holiday Cheeky Glow Kit: this has a matte light brown bronzer (a perfect "winter brown"- not too dark), a coral shimmery blush and even a very subtle matte highlighter. It even comes with the Elf Professional Blush Brush. Although all 3 products have lot´s of fallout for $5 this is a fabulous product and I am reaching for it everyday since I got it!

UPDATE: this palette is discontinued! Check out instead the new Elf Contour Palette.

The Paula Dorf Aztec Eye palette jumped quickly into my heart. The colors are perfection and I love how easy they are to work with (read my full review here).

If you are not new to my blog you might know that I am trying to let my eyebrows grow in. I think I am doing pretty fine but I still struggle with some empty spots and some hairs just grow in the wrong direction. I found my perfect eyebrow combination for this situation:

I use the Nyx Eyebrow pencil in taupe (perfect color for blondes! Not reddish or harsh) and I top it off with the Lashem Brow tint in blonde (my full review here) for those hairs that won´t grow in the right direction. This holds them in the direction I want them to be. With this combination I find my eyebrows look just right, but still natural.

I love all Nyx round lipsticks. I think they are one of the best lipsticks out there: affordable, super pigmented and very moisturizing and my new favorite color is: minimalism. A gorgeous very subtle mauve color for every day. $3- are you kidding me?

The tarte Smooth Operator is a fabulous product. It is very similar to the e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder Sheer- one of those white, invisible finishing powders (but don´t wear them if you know you will be in a photo "flash situation"!). Yet I find the Tarte is so much better as I always find some bigger chunks with the Elf powder on my face (if I look into a 10x magnifying mirror)- the Tarte smooth operator is so finely milled- no chunks here! Also: I find it makes the look of my pores invisible- love it! A little will go a long way.

An all time favorite but I think I never spoke about this is The Body Shop Satsuma products! They have right now these cute little gift sets- perfect as a stocking stuffer!  It can´t get more orangey then this! If you love citrus scents- this is one of the best! The Body Butter is to die for! It glides on my skin and sinks in and my body feels moisturized all day!

I am also loving my Gold Flash Tattoos! Such a genius simple trick to pimp up any look. It looks almost like jewelry if you put it around your wrist! I found these for under $5 on Amazon!

WOW! Those Betsey Johnson leggings make me look 5lb slimmer I find! You have to squeeze in like crazy- I almost thought I would not fit in- but when they are finally pulled up, it holds everything in: my butt and thighs and they are so comfortable! First I wore them only at the Gym and at home but now I even wear them "outside" cause I love how they feel!

Also: this month I watched on HBO the movie: "The Purge". Oh wow, if you are into thrillers and if you want to hold your breath for 1.5 hours, then go and watch this movie! ;-)

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