Frownies vs. Surgical Paper Tape & 1 YEAR UPDATE

I can not believe it myself but I am wearing my Frownies since one year every single night!

In case you don´t know what Frownies are: they are little paper pieces (a bit like a real strong stamp- lol) that you stick on to your fine lines or wrinkles in the night when you sleep. They stop you from frowning during your sleep and eventually smooth out those wrinkles. They come also in different shapes but the triangle works best for those wrinkles between the eyes.

The only exceptions were I did not wear my Frownies in the last year were when my Frownies order came in late- or when I was trying out one of it´s competitors: Furlesse. Obviously Frownies were the winner- otherwise I would not still use them! ;-)

Frownies left- Furlesse right

A lot of ladies recommended also on YouTube to me that I should simply get some surgical paper tape as this is way cheaper. I don´t think that Frownies are expensive (144 patches for $15-$20- lasts me for 4 month) but I wanted to give it a try anyway.

Surgical Paper tape
Surgical paper tape really costs only $5 for a big roll and would be a good cheap alternative: if only it would work! The result that I had with sleeping with it for only one night was HORRIFYING! I honestly thought it threw all my results that I achieved with Frownies back FOR MONTH!

Instead of stretching my frown line out and keeping that way for the whole night (what my Frownies do)- it completely adapted my frown line and kept holding it like that the whole night! I had the worst frown line on that day possible. It scared me really a lot.


For that reason I can NOT RECOMMEND USING surgical paper tape AT ALL!

The only situation (this is the same what I think about Furlesse) were this might work is, if you only have super fine lines- but not a "real frown line" like mine.

To sum my 1 year Frownies experience up:

I love Frownies.

No chemicals- it does not hurt and is inexpensive and I am very happy about my results. I do not think that I will ever get rid completely of my frown line- also: time is working against me cause at the same time I am not getting any younger.

I do notice a huge difference. I had this frown line already about 5 years ago and it got only worse over the years. I think the Frownies were making for a couple of month really a difference- ever so slightly but I am seeing results.

But I do think also that after a couple of month the frown line did not change anymore BUT: it does not get worse anymore. So I wear still my Frownies- probably always will- but now it is more to keep the results I achieved and hoping that it will not get any worse!

I highly recommend starting as early as possible! If you only see the tiniest frown line, start immediately! The earlier you start, the better and faster the results! Don´t wait (like me) for many years before you start with Frownies!

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Got any frown lines to get rid off or do I have to be jealous cause you are still too young for this stuff? ;-)

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