Bacheloretty party at the Brio Tuscan Grille and why I prefer to do my own nails!

November the 1st 2014 will be a historical day because I have received  my very first professional manicure! Can you believe this old 38 year old women has never done this before? (I did one time a pedicure and you can read about it here).

The reason I did it was because my friend had her bachelorette party. First we had brunch at Brio´s.

Brio Tuscan Grille at the UTC Mall in Sarasota

Her friend made this bouquet for her!
Look at the gorgeous bachelorette!

The chinese lady who was doing my nails asked me: 

"Are you the mom of the bachelorette?"

I was laughing out loud! NOPE! But this is NOT THE REASON that I prefer to do my own nails! LOL!

The manicure itself turned out super pretty and I really love it! I could not believe how quick and effortless she did the art work! I am so gonna try this myself! So, the look of my nails is not the reason why I like to rather do my own nails either...

My professional manicure- 1 day old

And I must admit: My nails look today- exactly 9 days later- still fabulous! That is really craziness! I do never have big problems with chipping- but usually I have to put new nail polish on after about 7 days. So, I really can not complain about the quality of this manicure at all!

This manicure is 9 days old!!! Craziness!

But here are the reasons, why I prefer to do my own manicure:

  • It´s too expensive! For $18 (plus tip) I can buy myself at least 3 new nail polishes! Oh yes, I am a cheapie!

  • I find it is more time consuming: the whole procedure takes at least 20 minutes plus the drive there. I am so much quicker! :-)

  • I am a germophobic! So scared of germs and bacteria and find my home safer- my own tools that only I use! Same reason why I would not do a professional pedicure anymore either. (I use the Emjoi).

  • I also think that the kind of tools they use are way too harsh on nails. The file she used was way too rough (I use a diamond file) and the metal tools to cut away the cuticles seems way to invasive for me too. Also: I do not believe in cutting cuticles unless really needed. The lady also scratched all the skin on my nails away with a metal tool- I don´t think this is necessary at all and can really hurt nails. (If you like you can read here: How I take care of my nails).

  • Another reason is: sadly I wasn´t able to pick a cruelty free nail polish- all brands they offered were not cruelty free (or brands I have never heard of before).

How about you?

Do you enjoy professional manicures or do you like to do it yourself?


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