I was playing around a bit with my lipsticks- some colors were too bright for me and others made me look "washed out"- and that is how I found 3 new lip combinations I really love to wear! I thought I like to inspire you as well to play around with your lipsticks- you will be surprised what awesome new colors you can create! Even colors you usually would think don´t go together can create a fantastic new shade! Try it out! ;-)

All my lippies in this post are cruelty free!

See "life" how I apply my lip combinations!

My Lip combination 1:

Bite Beauty Lipstick Violet
Flower Beauty in "Set me Freesia"

The violet was too neon and bright for me and so I made the color more settle and wearable with the nude color.

Lip combination 2:

e.l.f. Matte Lip Color Tea Rose
Pur Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Pink Gypsum

The Elf Tea Rose makes my lips look a bit washed out but the Pürminerals Lip pencil (used only to line around the lips) is a bit darker and more on the pink side which helps to achieve a more defined look.

Lip combination 3:

Ulta lip liner spice
NYX Round Lipstick Poseidon
NYX Round Lipstick Vivaldi

The Nyx color Poseidon is a bit too dark for me and so I mixed it with the lighter color Vivaldi (used only on the middle part of my lips). I like it way better like this. I find this is also very festive and great for the holidays!

You got any favorite lip combinations?


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