Dana Ramos asked me kindly if I am willing to try her 1-4- All Peel and since I am already used to a Lactic Acid Peel I wasn´t too scared to also try a Glycolic Acid Peel.

The Skin Regime is cruelty free!

Here are the claims of the 1-4- All Peel:

  "Layer-able skin peel for all skin types and colors
    Reduces fine lines, acne, skin discoloration (melasma), evens tone
    Mild or strong peel--you decide by adding layers
    Enough for up to 40 Peels in one bottle!


The 1-4-All Peel is the only peel you'll ever need. One peel for all skin types, one peel for all people, it is truly the 1-4-All Peel!

One layer = mild peel

Two layers= moderate peel

Three or four layers= strong peel"

Dana Ramos also wrote a book called "The Skin Regime" and I couldn´t agree more with her views on skin care. In this book she goes into detail about marketing gimmicks of lots of skin care brands and of course on how you should take care of your own skin.

Of course the 1-4- All Peel plays the main role in this book as she proofs that this can change the look of your skin and make it appear much younger. I truly encourage reading this book before applying a peel.

Here is my experience with the 1-4- All Peel (a Glycolic Acid):

After cleansing my face with a mild cleanser Dana Ramos instructs on double cleansing the face with alcohol (or if you have sensitive skin with witch hazel). After the alcohol dried off I applied the peel with a cotton ball. Dana Ramos advices strictly to see how the tolerance of this product is for at least a minute before you decide if you want to apply another layer.

Because this product you can layer! You decide how much of a peel you want or need! (Usually peels have a percentage ranging anywhere from 10-30 %).

So I waited as instructed a minute. I had no tingling- no nothing and so I applied another layer and then even another (but do not more then 4 layers!). After a couple of minutes (don´t wait longer then 5 minutes!)  I started to feel a mild tingling and maybe a hint of burning. So I washed it off with cold water. My face looked a bit red on the forehead- that was it. I used a gentle moisturizer and went to bed.

The next day my skin felt really dry- but nothing a moisturizer could not handle. After 3 days I had a really strong peeling all over my face- just like after a sunburn. The peeling took a couple of days. This was a much stronger peeling then with the Lactic Acid I tried before for sure. But once that was done new wonderful skin was revealed! YAY! Results are fabulous. Got rid of some darker spots on my skin. Loved it!

I could not help myself but share also a photo of Dana Ramos as she is probably the best proof that "The Skin Regime" is working! She is 52 years old and looks just stunning!

Dana Ramos, Author of "The Skin Regime", 52 years old

And can you remember that "crazy tanning mom"? Well guess what! She also used The Skin Regime and look at her now!

If you ever want to try a Peel I advise you highly to listen to your skin! We are all different and I know my skin can handle a lot without discomfort. If it is your first time, do only one layer! And do not do too many peels in a short time of period. Dana advises to at least wait for 7-10 days. I think this is individually different and for me I decided every 2-3 weeks are fine at the moment. Always use a chemical peel with caution!

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