Smashbox Master Class III Review & Swatches

Oh girls, I was so excited when I got the Smashbox Master Class Palette III Color & Contour. I really love the packaging- it looks so professional and it seemed to have so many color options! It even includes a contour, bronze and highlight color and 3 beautiful blushes!

You can also hear me wine about this palette on YouTube!

Unfortunately I did not like this palette! I tried for about three weeks to get this to work but I was very disappointed. One night I did a mega make up sessions and tried all the colors to get to work until my eye lids hurt! I so wanted this palette to be my favorite!

Here are the reasons why I did not enjoy this palette:

  • I find that all the lighter shades (Naked, Nectar, Vanilla, Oyster, Sky and Snow) are really chalky!

  • I find that all glitter shades (especially Flirt and Blacktop!) have lots and lots of fall out. It is crazy how much product I would have UNDER my eyes! While they swatch beautifully on my finger- with a brush it is a disaster!

  • Some of the dark colors also have a lot of fallout (for example Nocturnal) and some of them are really hard to blend (Royal, Blackout, Smoke, Sumatra). Also: as you can see on the swatches- the pigments do not really differ a lot from each other!

  • The only way I could make most of these colors (especially the glitter colors) to work was applying it with a finger and really pressing the pigments onto the lids.  These colors swatch beautifully with your finger- but with a brush I always ended up having so much fall out!
  • Especially the site with the neutral shades is not that pigmented at all.I mean I find there is either way the option of really light and chalky or really dark (and also chalky! lol).
  •  While the colored site is way more pigmented- the lighter colors are still chalky and the glitter ones do have lots of fall out.

  • Another thing that I could not stand was that the contour, bronze and highlight and also the 3 blush colors (which are itself really pretty colors) are small and so close to the eyeshadows that it is not hard to pick up some black or blue while you actually want to use only blush or bronzer! So I ended up multiple times having little stains of eyeshadow like "Blackout" on my cheeks! Sure, I could make this work with a tiny brush- but honestly: I don´t want to! I don´t like applying bronzer or blush with a small brush! That would take me forever to achieve the right look!

Now if they would have put all the bronzer and blush colors on one side it would not be such a big problem if a bit of the other color goes onto your cheeks- but if black lands on my cheeks- I am not happy!

I was honestly so relieved when I decided last week that I am gonna return this because I did not need to try to make this palette to work anymore.

I am so very sad I disliked it...