Just wanted to quickly wish everybody a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Stay safe, don´t drink too much and get yourself some candy!

I actually decided this morning to be a little Hippie!

Flower Power!

Still had these golden body tattoos and kinda thought they fit the theme! (Although a real Hippie would probably not do that! I am more of a chic Hippie- lol!). If you still don´t have an idea on what to wear today, maybe this gives you some inspiration. I kept the make up super natural- cause this is what flower power is all about, right?

Dress: Ice
Sandals: Steve Madden
Tattoos: Amazon
Flower Headband: Walmart

On the craziest Halloween party I have ever attended the host colored the pool blood red! She went all out! It was a really crazy party! My son was back then an impressive Zombie and I was a sailor women!

So long you guys! 



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