A Foreo Luna dupe for under $10?!?

If you are too lazy to read, you can listen to me too! :-)

I see all the time Foreo Luna Advertisements in magazines and so I was curious about it. But as soon as I googled it and saw that the Foreo LUNA Mini costs $139 (the regular Foreo LUNA costs $199!) I thought, c´mon what a scam! For a little silicone thing so much money? There has to be something cheaper!

So I typed in on Amazon: "Facial pad" and it did not take me long until I found the
this scrubbing pad on Amazon :

For around $10 I ordered it right away! And girl, I am liking this pad so much! It is made out of silicone, feels gentle yet really massaging and is just really an inexpensive tool to get that face clean! I love it and I am so happy I found this. I just put some drops of my facial cleanser on it and girl, does this make everything nice and foamy!

You are able to hygienically store this with the little sucker and just suck it to the mirror.

Now the Foreo Luna does some fancy "movements" as there is batteries inside, so it is not really a dupe- but the "scrubbing action" can easily be made with this one.

I just can´t believe that the Foreo Luna is really worth the money, but hey: haven´t tried it yet! But I am sure happy with my little facial pad here!

After I purchased mine on Amazon I found the Precision Pore Cleansing Pad
You must get this! Best $6 you have ever spend! ;-)


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