Shea Moisture Hair Color review /Light blonde

So here comes (as promised) my review for a cruelty free hair dye!

I was a bit scared to try any other color then Loreal Preference, as I have used this color since more then 10 years and knew exactly which color to choose, but I finally gave in as I could not stand my roots anymore and my lemon juice trick just did not work! ;-)

Shea Moisture products are all cruelty free!

Opening this box is a completely different experience! Inside you will find -in a beautiful pouch- not only the developer and the color creme and a brush, but also a small bottle of Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter shampoo, conditioner and even a hair treatment! The included gloves are not your usual cheap gloves that make you feel like you have duck feet- if you understand what I mean! LOL!

So what I did was, I mixed up about half of the developer and the color creme in a bowl to have enough mixture to get me some highlights. (You can check my post here to see how I do my highlights- back then it was Loreal but the procedure is still the same.)

If you have ever colored your hair, you know that Ammonia smell? Well, not only does this hair color not stink at all (because it simply has no Ammonia and no Sulfates included!)- the ingredients are all organic and natural! I could literally stick my nose into my little bowl and not smell anything unpleasant! It smelled more like a nice light body lotion!

 I also did not get an itchy feeling after having this on for 30 minutes- which I usually got from Loreal. My hair did not feel dried out or stripped- it felt actually more as if I put on a hair mask!

I also really loved the Shampoo and the Conditioner.

I do have one tiny complain though: the color. I found that the color was a hint orange. That is actually the one thing I am always scared off: a brassy blonde. But it is not too bad and I can live with that!

Here is some color proof. Keep in mind that I only did highlights on the top of my head- the long strands are completely untouched.

If you dye your hair with Shea Moisture your hair will thank you for this!

And yes: this color is a bit more expensive then your usual drugstore hair colors: I paid it was not available in my store but I was able to order it from Target online and because I have the red card I did not get any shipping costs added (plus the red card gave me another 5 % off!).

The Shea Moisture Hair color system comes in 12 colors.

You can also watch me on YouTube if you like!

Overall I am very pleased with the Shea Moisture Hair Color System.

What do you think, maybe you give this a shot next time?


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