Is blogher worth it?

So a couple of days ago blogher accepted me into their Publishing Network and now I have to make up my mind if I want this for my blog.

Blogher is a really fun site to check out if you don´t know the site. It features articles from food to family and even sex related themes.

I got featured a couple of times on their front page- for example with "My Experience with Frownies", "How to make your own bronzer" and also "Small Eyes? How to Do a Colorful Smoky Eye".  

At first I was very excited because some of my favorite blogs (like Ellesees) do also use blogher ads. But then I did some research and I am not so sure anymore that my blog is the right fit. Their rules seem overwhelming to me! (Read them for yourself if you like:

  • I would have to remove all my Adsense above the fold (the visible part of your blog without scrolling down) and I have no saying about the design whatsoever (yes: I like my blog to look pretty!).
  • For sponsored posts, and for some product reviews, posts about sponsored events, or giveaways, blogher wants me to create a second blog that looks exactly like the main blog on which the blogher ads are not visible! They say literally: "on your main blog, create a new "teaser" post that is 1-3 sentences and then you can link to the published post on the ad-free second blog." (See also: Publishing Network: Creating BlogHer-Ad-Free Space for Sponsored Posts).

Now that really is the point that goes to far for me! I really don´t want to create a second blog to post my sponsored posts, reviews or giveaways! And I don´t think that the brands I am working with will be thrilled if they get featured on another blog either.

Blogher vs. Adsense:

The big difference pay wise between blogher ads and adsense is: adsense pays by clicks and blogher pays for each 1000 views (this can vary between $4-$12 for each mille). Generally it is easier to get a view then a click. If you know what Adsense brings you, you can now calculate the difference and if blogher brings you more or not.

For me it means at the moment: both would bring me about the same amount. If you have really high visitor numbers (50.000/ month) blogher might be the safer choice because you do not have to depend on clicks- the visitors are enough.

Of course I can still use Adsense on top of the blogher ads and so it could add up but in my experience readers don´t like to see too many ads and it makes the whole blog look spammy and because I would have to place Adsense below the fold chances are lower anyway that I get the same amount of clicks as I do right now.

  • I also do not like that blogher wants to do a 1 year contract- I have no chance to just check it out for a month and how it is going.

But Blogher does not only offer Ads- Network bloggers may also be eligible for paid product review and  editorial programs supported by sponsors. But I worry because I am only reviewing cruelty free products and there will be not enough sponsors from blogher. From my experience it is usually smaller brands that are cruelty free.

To sum it up:

Pros: blogher pays for each 1000 views - not for clicks (generally views are easier to get then clicks), chance of paid product reviews or other sponsored posts.

Cons: no adsense above the fold, no saying about the design and placement of ads, hassle of creating a second blog for third party sponsored posts- certain reviews and giveaways, 1 year contract.

I decided that the blogher Publishing Network is not the right fit for me, at least for right now.  

UPDATE: I decided now after all to become a member! Read here why: "I´m a member of the blogher Publishing Network now".

If you think blogher is the right fit for your blog, you can apply to become a member of blogher´s publishing network:

You can also sign up for  BlogHer´s Influencer Network. A "tweeting action" of 8x will earn you $50. Apply here:

You can also write original content for and get $50 per post. Enter your pitch idea here:

Are you a member of blogher´s Publishing Network? How is your experience with them?