NYX Love Is In the Air Nail Polish Set Review


We are back from our little trip to Tennessee! It was gorgeous! We saw stunning waterfalls and even swam in an ice cold swim hole- right by the side of a waterfall (you can find some photos on my Instagram)!

But now I am happy to be back in the blogger world and I like to review this cute little nail polish set from Nyx for you!

Nyx is cruelty free (but owned by a company that is not).

This set is called: "Love is in the Air" and offers 18 different colors. These are mini nail polishes- containing 0.13 fl.oz. each which I do not mind at all- after all I usually never use up nail polish before it gets bad and these little bottles give me the chance to maybe really use them up.

 I really love the variety of the colors! There is something for everybody inside! From pastel colors to neon and even glitter polishes! I am having super fun with this set! These colors scream: Summer & endless possibilities!

And here are some inspirations for you!

Nyx Muted Lavender and Nyx Complex Purple

Nyx Perfect Gray and Nyx Disco Inferno

Nyx Surf and Nyx Turquoise Glitter

Nyx French Pink, Paradise Nude and Pink Glitter

Pink Glitter has Stars inside!

Nyx Pink Glitter has Stars inside!

Nyx Muted Lavender

Nyx Pastel Pistachio

Honestly: I could play around with these colors forever and would always find a new combination. These colors go all great together and harmonize- no matter which ones you choose to use together.

To the quality: I find that I need 3 coats to give me a really vibrant opaque color- BUT because this dries fairly quick on me I basically do not really wait a long time to apply the next coat and am finished quickly. After around 5 days I am noticing slight chipping which I find OK. To make any nail polish last longer I always recommend using Gelous Nail Gel Base Coat  - THE best base coat treatment there is in my opinion!

So if you like to have some fun with your nails and play around- I highly recommend this super cute set! You can get yours HERE!

Isn´t this a super fun nail polish set? 

I keep my box as a storage for these cute nail polishes!

 Have a great day,

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