So this post will be dedicated completely to Michael Kors! Everything- and I mean EVERYTHING, that I have ever seen fashion wise from Michael Kors, speaks to me! He has just the right feel of simple elegance with stunning edgy beautiful details.

A very typical detail are large zippers with his engraving. I just love those- they add a nice edge, like on both sites of my shoulders on this gorgeous T-shirt. He usually uses gold for his details and I am a big fan of golden jewelry since many years. I find it looks more elegant and more expensive then silver.

One of my favorite themes is the marina theme and Michael Kors always has some nice items that cover this. 

And let´s not forget about his stunning watches! One is prettier then the other! Check out my little sweet collection!

Michael Kors watches

It is not a question if I NEED a watch- it is more a question of do I WANT another watch? With all the beautiful choices Michael Kors offers I feel like I WANT THEM ALL! LOL!!!

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And if you haven´t already, you need to check out his jewelry! GORGEOUS!!! I have a couple of wonderful rings and what I really love about them is that a lot of times you get to wear them in different ways- if you turn them around you have a lot of times the Michael Kors engraving- or you show off the little gemstones- what ever you feel like.

Michael Kors does a lot of times stackable rings and that gives you again different options on how to wear them or on how many you like to wear at the same time! The little "belt" rings are just too darn cute.

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Michael Kors jewelry

While browsing through my little Michael Kors collection I noticed that something is missing! I really need some Michael Kors shoes- don´t you think? And I want them to fit to my new light brown Hamilton handbag.

So, here is my question: which shoes should I go for? My tendency goes towards "Kennedy" I have to say!

Michael Kors sandals

 Do you own something from Michael Kors and do you love him as much as I do?


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