City Color Contour Effects Review

OK, so honestly I have never before contoured in my life! But if you start watching all those Beauty Gurus out there on YouTube you seriously want to try everything! So I got myself the City Color Contour Effects to try some contouring. You can scroll down and watch me trying it for the first time on YouTube! :-)

All products from City Color are cruelty free!

The Contour Kit comes in a cardboard packaging- nothing fancy here but I like that it has a magnet snapper inside which closes the kit safely. It is light weight and feels nice in my hand.

The little picture inside shows a simple instruction on how to apply the 3 different colors. They missed the complete forehead though!

The colors are all completely matte which I really like.

The white color on the right "Highlight" I found a bit hard to get even with my skin and I needed quite some effort to make it work.

The middle color "Bronze" is a beautiful bronze color- not muddy at all- no glitter, no shimmer- very comparable to the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil but without the awesome chocolate smell.

The "Contour" color on the left is really, really dark! Oh my! You got to have some tan going on or have naturally dark skin to use this! I think for my skin it is way too dark and I have actually already a quite good tan going on.

All 3 colors have a lot of fallout- so you need to tap your brush off very well.

Watch me contour on YouTube for the very first time of my life! ;-)

Here is my finished war paint! ;-) Do you think this makes a difference? I just felt like I have way too much make up on- but this is also because the contour color really is super dark. My husband thought BTW I look like a b.....ah I mean like a lady from a certain business?

I still think this is a fantastic inexpensive contour set, especially for starters like me

So if you like to try out some contouring I think the City Color Contour Effects is a great way to start!

So long!


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