Real Techniques brushes vs. Dupes from Ross (Beauty Muse Pro)

A couple of month ago I bought a brush set from Ross. I honestly did not pay much attention to the name on the box and I thought I do have Real Techniques brushes! The purple color was enough for me of thinking I got the real thing.

I only recently found out that my set was a fake set when I was wondering why I have not the eyeliner! So I went ahead and got me some real Real Techniques brushes, so I can compare them to my "Beauty Muse Pro" brushes.

Look at how similar even the packaging is!

If you like you can see my comparison on YouTube.

First of all the Real Techniques brush set comes with a little case & stand- for those who like this, this might be a good thing (personally I never use this!).

Also: Real Techniques has the eyeliner which the dupe set does not have. I really like to use the eyeliner- it works great with gel! Also: the Real Techniques brushes have a name on each brush- the dupes don´t.

Real Techniques Fine Liner brush

Let me show you quick all brushes side by side.

Let´s compare the "Deluxe Crease Brush".

I find these astoundingly similar! While the Real Techniques brush is a hint bigger- both work fantastic and have super soft bristles! I love them both equally!

Left: Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush/Right: Beauty Muse Pro

Same with the "Base Shadow Brush". They are super similar - the Real Techniques brush is again a tiny bit larger- but I can work fantastic with both of them. No major difference! I actually love to use these on my crease.

Left: Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush/Right: Beauty Muse Pro

While I do not like the Real Techniques brow brush very much as I find it too stiff and too "plastic"- the dupe sucks even more! It is so stiff and just yuck! Don´t really like both of them but the fake one is even worse!

Left: Real Techniques Brow Brush/Right: Beauty Muse Pro

The accent brush from Real Techniques is absolutely not comparable to it´s dupe. They have a completely different size and I really do not like the fake one at all. It is simply said only good for the garbage. It is way too stiff and can not do anything! The Real Techniques brush on the other hand is a nice small brush and fantastic especially for hooded small eyes to do some "outer V detail work" or other "detail" work.

Left: Real Techniques Accent Brush/Right: Beauty Muse Pro

Overall I must say you can skip the Dupe Set because with Real Techniques you get 5 brushes that you actually can use! The dupe set has only 2 good brushes.

I paid only $7.50 for the dupes and around $15 for the Real Techniques (both were on Sale) but since both sets are not really pricey my recommendation is to go for the "real thing" if you ever come across this dupe set! SKIP BEAUTY MUSE PRO! ;-)

Get the real Techniques Starter Set here!

Have you ever tried these dupes? Do you like Real Techniques brushes? Let me know!

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