Time to share my favorite items of the month June!

I am really loving my new Too Faced Chocolate Bar- especially the neutral shades but also some of the shimmer colors. "Marzipan", "Creme Brulée", "Salted Caramel" are some of my favorite colors. "Milk chocolate" is the perfect shade for my eye brows! If you are blonde, you should try it!

I love also my Physicians Formula BB Bronze Booster Bronzer. It has a tiny bit shimmer but when applied on my face I am not noticing that and it look super natural. The packaging is also very cute.

I love my Ulta Automatic Eye liners in Indigo and Teal Blue. Especially under my lower lash line they give a nice pop of color for summer time.

The Royal Care brushes are super soft and I love them! (very affordable!) I got these because even Beauty Gurus on YouTube were raving about them and that they are as good as Sigma brushes.

I love also my new Nyx Butter Glosses- so yummy!!! You have to try it to believe it! :-)

My new Tarte Eye lash curler works like a gem! Highly recommend using one- especially if you have hooded eyes like me!

Really love my Wicked Good Shine Spray from Colorproof! This is not a hair spray to hold your hair but to give it fantastic shine! Love it and it smells also great!

I have a random favorite: The belvita cookies tastes so good! They are intended to be "breakfast" cookies but I am not having them for breakfast but as a delicious treat or snack in between.

And I have 1 Fail also! I needed a Lip balm with SPF and I got many weeks ago the Banana boat lip balm (note: Banana boat is not cruelty free- this was before I made the switch to go cruelty free). I have no better word then saying that this balm tastes DISGUSTING! Really, really bad taste and I can´t get over it!

Banana Boat Sport Performance: BIG FAIL!!!

That´s it! Tried any of my favorites?

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