Who is born in 1976?

Yes- today it is my birthday! Yay! When I started blogging I was a bit afraid to say my age because I was surrounded by 20 year old girls- it felt kind of weird- like I do not belong here. But now I know a lot of ladies in their 30s, 40s or 50s in the online world.

So here it comes: I am born in 1976!

Besides me being born, here are some other things that happened in 1976:

  • NASA unveils their first space shuttle
  • the first apple computer (pic below) was developed- out of wood! 
  • Abba and Michael Jackson were on the radio (still are- but in 1976 they were for the first time!)
  • "Rocky" with Silvester Stalone was filmed!
  • Volkswagen "hippie-style" on the streets lol.

Oh wow- makes me feel really old to think how much the world has changed! I was curious which stars are born also in 1976 and so I googled and did not have a hard time finding lots of blond Beauties and shameless I am adding myself in this collage here!



Who else was born in 1976?
  1. Alicia Silverstone (who remembers the Aerosmith music video?)
  2. Cat Deeley (I love how she says "8" -ah-yyyt! ;-)
  3. Anna Faris (did you know it´s her in Scary movie?)
  4. Candace Cameron-Bure (full house)
  5. Emma Bunton (a spicy girl!)
  6. Melissa Joan Hart (the teenage witch!)
  7. Reese Witherspoon (needs no words!)
  8. Diane Kruger (did you know she´s German?)

 Have a great day,