Since I have my own YouTube channel I am watching myself a lot of YouTube videos and only because of that I have learned that I have "hooded eyes". That sounds now like a disease but it is just the appearance of my eyes.

It means pretty much that you can not see my crease when my eyes are open. Basically there is 3 shapes of eyes: normal, hooded or mono-lids (a lot of Asian girls have mono-lids). Hooded eyes are not uncommon and there is also a lot of stars with hooded eyes!

Here are some examples:

Blake Lively

Jennifer Lawrence

Kate Hudson

See how you basically are not able to see the lid (the space from your eye to the crease)? It is completely hidden and that is why it is important to apply the eye make up different if you have hooded eyes. If I apply eye make up only on my lid, you would be unable to see it- except if I close my eyes.

I have always wondered why I am not able to apply my eye make up like all those Beauty Gurus and I know now that I did it for so many years wrong! I simply have to change the rules to apply eye make up to make it look nice! I am still learning but I think I have gotten quite a lot better and I want to share with you my best tips on applying eye make up for hooded eye lids!

Here it comes:



1. Use light eyeshadow on your whole lid to open it up! 

A little shimmer on the lid will help too. The darker colors are for your "fake crease" (see 3.) or for your outer "V".

I used to do this wrong for so many years as I always wanted to create a smokey eye and so I did exactly the opposite: I started with a dark color on the lid and then got lighter to my crease. 

2. Tight line on your lash line instead of lining your eye lid! 

This is such a game changer for me! With this simple trick you open up the eye so much more because the barely "there" space on your lid stays free! I love to use a gel eye liner for that as it stays longer put. 

When I saw a girl for the first time tight lining I thought this looks pretty scary but I found it is not at all that hard to do. I just hold my eye a little open with my free hand for that.

3. Create a fake crease with OPEN EYES! 

This is another biggie for me! Never have I known that I have to apply my eye makeup with OPEN eyes- simply because that way you see which space you can really see with open eyes. 

For so many years I applied my eye make up with closed eyes! But with closed eyes I am not able to see where I have to put my "fake crease"! 

Now your fake crease you will create will be basically the space above your "hidden crease" (which is not visible with open eyes). See on this picture on the left how my smokey eye is basically not visible with open eyes and how you can see my eyeshadow on the right because I created a "fake crease".

This is hard to explain with words but you can see my video below this post to understand.

LEFT: EYE SHADOW NOT VISIBLE                                                    RIGHT: EYE SHADOW VISIBLE ON FAKE CREASE

4. Use a nude eyeliner in your waterline to open up your eyes!

5. Use some color under your waterline to -again- open up your eyes and make them appear bigger.

6. Fill in your eyebrows to give your eyes more definition!

7. Use a lash curler and lots of mascara- this again will open up your eyes!

8. Highlight under your eyebrows- but not too much or thick!

Here is a picture to sum it all up!

It might be easier if you see my YouTube video where I explain all the steps in detail. I am sorry the video got so long! ;-) I really hope that this might help some girls, who have hooded eyes like me!

Do you have hooded eyes or have you ever heard of hooded eyes before?

 Have a great day,

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