How to cover up frown lines/wrinkles/scars (glabella) with Dermaflage!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote the post: How to get rid of wrinkles without Botox. In that post I gave the tip to try Dermaflage but haven´t tried it myself yet.

So now I have tried it and I like to share with you my experience!

Let´s start with the product claims:

"What is Dermaflage? Unlike makeup, it uses silicone to simulate skin and fill in sunken scars on your face, neck, legs, arms, and other parts of your body. It also works for frown lines between the eyes that make you look worried or angry. And it easily matches your skin‘s tone and color.

    instantly conceals recessed scars and frown lines
    waterproof 3D scar filler
    invented in Hollywood – used by the stars
    non-irritating, easy 3-step application
    non-invasive – no injections, no pain
    clinically & dermatologist tested
    allergy tested

Dermaflage can hide: Scars – recessed face & body, Deep Wrinkles, Box car, rolling & icepick scars, MOHs surgery,  Frown & 11 lines, Skin Cancer, Pock marks - chicken pox,  C-sections, Dog bites, Cleft palate"

The set contains a whole bunch of things: you will get 2 applicators with the silicone. These come in different skin tones! I chose "Medium" (they have 11 shades to choose from!). You will also get some tools to apply or mix the silicone, a primer and a patch to get the right structure.

OK! Here is what you do:


Prime the area you like to conceal! The primer looks like a little nail polish bottle. The primer is very liquid and dries very quick. After 30 seconds you are ready for the next step.


Apply the silicone. You have the option of either apply it with one of the "mixing applicators" or mix a little drop yourself together and apply it. While I really love the "mixing applicator" (looks a bit like a shot he he!) I am not using it anymore because it wastes product.

You can use these applicators only one single time and a lot of the silicone will be still inside but you have to throw it away because it gets hard and is not usable anymore.

That is why I prefer now to just mix myself a tiny amount together and apply it.

Once the 2 substances are mixed together you do not have much time as it will dry quickly. Apply a small amount (always use less then you think!) on the desired area. You can use these tools here to mix and apply.

Once applied (fill it right into whatever you want to fill- the wrinkle or scar you have).


Hold the purple patch for at least 30 seconds on it. This will give the silicone the skin like structure and press it invisible to your real skin.

And that´s it! Here is the result!

I find this pretty impressive! I wore my Dermaflage on Sunday on a trip to Tampa. We were out all day and it was 94 degrees- I was hot and sweaty but the Dermaflage looked still perfect when I came home! On Monday I went to the Gym- I did 2 classes in a row and afterwards I went to Target to get my groceries. When I came home it still looked perfect!

Now what I have to admit is that it needs some practice to apply! I have used it now 3 times and every time my first application went bad and I had to redo it. I am guessing that I can only become better- but this is something you need to be aware of. It is something that needs practice and because we all have different things to cover up there is not one techniques for everybody equal! 

I am very very happy about this product. I really dislike my frown line or my "1" how I like to call it (it is not a "11"- just a"1" lol). I feel like when I use Dermaflage my face looks more relaxed and very smooth. You will not feel the product at all and completely forget about it once you are wearing it!

If you have a scar or a wrinkle to cover up- this might be the solution for you too!

I have a "life" demo on the application process on YouTube!

Get it here!

It is supposed to last for around 2 month, so I find the price is reasonable (compared to Botox for example)! 

What do you think? Isn´t this amazing?

 Have a great day,

Disclaimer: Dermaflage send me this kit for free but I am sharing this only because it is really working and I can stand behind this product! These are only my opinions and experiences. Contains Affiliate Links.