How I take care of my nails!

I have had the request on YouTube on how I take care of my nails. I have pretty damn good nails- they are sturdy and strong and barely chip or anything. If I would let them, they would grow to the moon. But I don´t like to have too long nails because I find that looks tacky. I do think that I am simply born with good nails but I also do take care of them.

I do not think that I do anything fancy or special- but here it is! This routine I do every Sunday. This is the only day I take care of my nails but then I invest a little bit of time. If I get some nail polish chipping before Sunday I will just put some more nail polish on top of it.

First step:

Simple as that: I take my old nail polish off. (Note: my nail polish remover is not cruelty-free).

Second step:

I file my nails. The only good file in my opinion is a diamond file. I do not think these "sandpaper" files are good because they are simply to rough. I use only the fine side of a diamond file. The diamond file from Wilkinson Sword is my buddy since many years- I have bought it over and over again. I am not sure it is available in the US but I am sure there is other good options out here.

I think it is important also on how you move the file. If you are interested how I do it, please scroll down to my video as I find it hard to explain without showing it.

Third step: 

I brush my nails under running water but without any soap. I brush the top but also the "inside" of my nails.

Fourth step: 

This step I only do depending on the shape of my cuticles every couple of weeks.  I push gently some cuticles back to the nail bed if needed. I use the Sally Hansen Cuticle pusher which has a soft rubber site. I do not like using wood or steel for that as I find this too invasive for my nails. The other site of this device also offers a gentle way of cutting some skin away if there is some excess.

Fifth step:

I moisturize my nails. At the moment I like to use Josie Maran Argan oil light- but any moisturizer or hand lotion will do. I massage this oil deep onto every nail and nail bed around it. I let this soak and dry for about 10 minutes.

Sixth step:

I apply my favorite Base coat of all times: the Gelous. This is not just a clear nail polish: this is a treatment! It will treat your nails, avoid yellowing of your nails, make them super strong and also will make your nail polish last so much longer and make it look like a "gel" polish- super shiny and even. It dries super quick and a little goes far! I love it! The only time I am not using my Gelous is when I only apply a very sheer nail polish.

After that I apply 2 coats of whatever nail polish I am in the mood for!


Every 3-4 weeks I will cut my nails and I like to use a scissor- a clipper is way to rough for my nails. I use a "round" motion and pretty much cut my nails already the shape I want them to be.

Like I said: I do not think I do something fancy but it seems to be working great for my nails. What about you? What do you do different then me?

My finished nails

 Have a great day,

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