Ross haul (& City Color Contour Effects)

I admit: I am a lot at Ross and Marshalls. You have to know: I go twice a week to my gym and it is on the same plaza as these stores- so usually I go afterwards a bit shopping! So, there you have my excuse to go nuts. Oh and the other excuse are the fantastic prices! Great stuff- super affordable! Yay me!

So I got a whole bunch of T-shirts from Ross. They were all ranging from $4.99-$9.99.

I got also another pair of sandals from City Classified at Ross for sensational $12.99.

I have never contoured in my life but decided to try it- so I got myself the City Color Contour Effects palette. City Color Cosmetics is cruelty free and this set was ON SALE for only $5.99. I still have not tried it yet. I like how it comes with instructions on the inside and the colors look super matte which I like. It arrived with a little scratch on the white color but for the price I am not gonna complain.

I needed a new cruelty free sunscreen and it had to be affordable (a lot of cruelty free sunscreens are way expensive). I was happy to find out that Ocean Potion is cruelty free! Unfortunately it was not so easy to get, but at Bed, Bath & Beyond I got lucky! This is the Ocean Potion Anti Aging Sunscreen with a SPF of 50 (update: packaging is now yellow!) I really like it! It smells nice and is not a thick paste but goes on very light and smooth. Very happy about this!

That´s it! How do you like my sweet little haul?

 Have a great day,

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