NYX Round Case Lipstick Review & Swatches

Today I am reviewing the NYX Round Case Lipsticks! NYX is of course cruelty-free!

To the packaging: I really love that you can see see the color of the lipstick on the bottom! This makes it super easy to get the right color out of my lippie storage. I wish all lippies would be like that!

These lipsticks are all super pigmented, last hours on me and go on super creamy and rich! The quality is really like a High End lipstick (comparable easily to Estee Lauder-not cruelty free!) All of them are also very moisturizing- except the color "Vivaldi" that goes on a hint dry.

NYX Lip Smacking Lipsticks

NYX Lip Smacking Lipsticks

Let´s go into the 5 colors I got.

We start with the NYX Lip Smacking in RAISIN.

The  color Raisin is basically a very dramatic dark brown with red unter tones. I usually do not wear dark lipstick like that, so it is a bit of stepping outside of my box. I am not quiete sure if I can rock this look but it is something new I am willing to try!

A Raisin Kiss from me

NYX Lip Smacking in VERY BERRY

This color is a very dark red with brown under tones. Red lipsticks are also not what I would usually wear but this tone seems like the right color to try it out a bit- the red is not overwhelming and it does not make my teeth look yellow- lol.

Me with Very Berry

NYX Lip Smacking in OPAL

Opal is a white color that applies pretty sheer with pink and blue undertones. I did not understand for what this color was intended for but then played a bit around with it. It actually works pretty good as a highlighter under my eyebrows or to use as an accent in the middle part of my lips.

It changes the color of other lipsticks and I already created a couple of different new colors with mixing them! I do not think I can wear this all by itself as it gives me super light pink lips but makes my teeth looking very yellow!

Not sure about Opal on my lips! ;-)
Opal on top of Raisin looks nice!

NYX Lip Smacking in POSEIDON

Poseidon is a medium brown tone with golden under tones. This is a very warm, very bronze color. I really love this color- it is my favorite out of the 5 colors and I find the color fabulous for summer.

Me with Poseidon

NYX Lip Smacking in VIVALDI.

This is a nude color with a rose golden undertone. Really warm color- it depends on your skin tone if this will look good because it can make your lips washed out if it is too similar to your skin tone. On me it does a bit and so I like to actually mix this color with a pinkish gloss. This is also the only color that is not quite as moisturizing as all the other 4 colors. It feels a hint on the dry site.

Me with the color Vivaldi

If you like you can also see me apply these lippies on YouTube!

I got these wonderful 5 lippies ON SALE for crazy $7.50 at Marshall´s! Hurry if you like to get these too!

Or get the NYX ROUND LIPSTICK SET "Red Date"

or the NYX ROUND LIPSTICK SET! "Lovely Pinky"

Which is your favorite color?

 Have a great day,

Bought these with my own money. My opinions. My experiences. Contains Affiliate links.