Crave Naturals Detangling Brush Review

Crave Naturals Detangling Brush
I can not even tell you for how many years I am using a wide tooth plastic comb to go through my crazy thick and coarse hair! I swear by this techniques since probably 20 years. My comb is probably 15 years old- what can I do it seems to be unbreakable and I thought it works fine.

This is my probably 15 year old comb!

So when I got send this new detangling brush I actually did not have very high hopes.

Here are the claims:

"Can be used on wet or dry hair - Great for the beach. Use on wigs or extensions without causing damage. Pain free and tear free so little ones do not get upset. No more breakage and pulling that you old brush used to do. Has a handle and can be used while drying your hair."                                                                                                                                                                     
Pink Crave Naturals brush

And what should I tell you? This actually really works! This brush glides through my hair without getting so much hair pulled out like with my comb! My husband was very skeptical too but when he saw how much in ease I was while combing my wet hair he was also impressed. He is very much used to me combing my hair after washing it which can be kind of a hassle.

My sweet new brush

Now if this brush works so gentle on me it sure will on fine and straight hair too. It must be something about how the bristles are aranged which does the trick. They are kind of in a "wave" shape sorted on the brush and I do believe this is the little magic. I never brush my dry hair and can´t tell you about that- if I brush my dry hair it looks afterwards like Taylor Dane in the 80s- if you still know who that is! LOL!

Bristles of detangling brush

I also love that the brush is formed "ergonomically"- it lays in my hand as if it is made for my hand and it is very light weight. I am gonna throw my comb away cause this brush is doing the job so much better! Love it and recommend it highly!

Get your Detangling Brush By Crave Naturals here.

Have you ever tried a detangling brush?

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