My April Favorites
Time again to show you which products I enjoyed the most in the month of April!

I am really enjoying my lipstick from Flower Beauty (Drew Barrymore´s line available only at Walmart and it is cruelty-free!) and I have the color "Set me Freesia" which is a light nude. Now this alone makes my lips look a bit washed out but I am topping it with my LipFusion Infatuation Lip Gloss in the color "La Lip Jolie" which is a sheer pink and this mix somehow is working perfectly for me. The Lipfusion also plumps my lips a bit- I think because of the peppermint inside. (Read also: Review Flower Beauty).

Flower Set Me Freesia with Lipfusion La Lip Jolie is perfect together!

I also enjoyed my Zoya nail polish in Maria Luisa (cruelty-free!) a lot! This is the first glitter nail polish that I have ever tried that does not have this weird and rough "glitter feeling" on my nails- it becomes one with my nails and feels like a normal nail polish without a glitter- and the best part: it is also easy to take off just like a normal nail polish! Usually it takes me forever to get rid of the glitter and I have to rub extensively- not with this one! I am gonna get more! lol!

Zoya in Maria Luisa

Zoya in Maria Luisa

I am also enjoying my Benefit They´re Real mascara. Oh my! I have had this mascara since July 2013 unused in my drawer! Can you believe it? It was my free Sephora birthday gift and I have not used it until this month. And girl, is this mascara awesome or what? I feel like it is grabbing onto my short tiny stumpy lashes and making the best out of it- never have I ever seen myself with so many lashes- lol!

Now I want to mention that I really, really love this mascara but I still won´t purchase it because benefit does animal testing. This is serious to me and pretty lashes do not mean that much to me that I want animals to suffer- just a little site note.

And I am loving my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer (cruelty-free!) Is this the best bronzer in the world- or what? I mean this perfect color without any shimmer or glitter which would look fake- this gives me a perfect tanned look- even though I am pretty pale (on my face). And on top of all that this chocolate smell? LOVE IT!!! (Full review here).

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Another random thing which I am enjoying are these new little hair ties. I have them in a couple of colors and I find them stinking cute! (I got mine at Target).

Colorful Hair Ties from Target

And the last think I also wanted to mention is my Emjoi Foot Device- so easy to get rid of this old skin on my feet! Love it! (My complete review).

Emjoi Foot File

I also had 1 Fail in April. MAC did send me a sample (I think I won this in a Giveaway from them) of the MAC Zoom Lash Mascara to try and I have to be honest: it is doing nothing for me. It feels like I am smearing some paint on my lashes- they do not get separated and it just looks strange- it is way too wet and just not working for me. What a difference to the benefit they´re real! Have you ever tried this? Well MAC anyway does animal testing so I would not have purchased it anyway- lol.

MAC Zoom Lash Mascara- a fail for me!

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Have you ever tried any of these products? Do you like or hate them? Let me know!

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