How to diminish wrinkles with Suddenchange with before and after photo!

Suddenchange Firming Serum
I spoke about this litte magic bottle in my post How to get rid of wrinkles without Botox and today I like to go a little further in detail about the product Sudden change.

This product is actually made for the under eye area- but for me it works like a gem on my forehead. This is a little magic but for a really low price (at Walgreens under $10). It is also very, very tricky to apply! I had to try a couple of different times until I finally found out how I can apply it.

Sudden Change 3 Minute Under Eye Firming Serum

The thing is that this will not work if you have dry skin- this product will dry you out like crazy and you can not moisturize before it either as the product is not able to stay on your skin with any greasiness. I have oily skin and so I apply it right after cleansing my face. Now the problem is that you can not put it on make up either.

So what I do is this: I mix a couple drops of Sudden change with my favorite foundation in my palms together and apply it very fast on the desired area (my forehead!). This dries very quick and like little magic my skin will pull itself together and make the wrinkles disappear.

You can not reapply- you have to apply it quickly. I had to practice this a couple times until I found my way. This is really nothing for the daily basis as I find this feels almost like applying super glue on my skin. It feels hard and stiff and very tight- but if you maybe have a date night or some special occasion and want to look younger- this surely will help.

Now come and see my complete ugliness on my forehead, hehe! I applied it here only without foundation.

Me before applying Sudden Change and minutes after applying Sudden Change

So you can see that the wrinkles are still visible but really way less harsh. It really works- but only for a couple hours! :-)

BTW I do not like to use this on my under eye area (and that is for what this product is actually made for lol) at all because it feels like superglue and I use my muscles under my eyes a lot this feels way to uncomfortable and also moving the skin in any way will destroy the formula and will appear like very flaky stuff on your skin! Now on my forehead I am trying anyway not to use the muscles anymore that much and try to avoid frowning- so this works out much better there.

Get the Sudden Change Serum here.

If you don´t believe the results- you can also see them "life" on video! ;-)

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I hope this is maybe helpful for some girls who want to fight the first signs (or even advanced lol) of aging. Have you ever heard of Sudden Change or tried it?

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Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and this is just my experience and my opinion. Contains Affiliate links.