Calvin Klein Monogram Satchel- What´s in my bag?

I just got a brand new beautiful Calvin Klein bag and so I thought this fits great to do this tag again. (If you like you can check out my other "Whats in my bag" post from October 2013 too).

I am a very organized person and never keep any crap in my bag- neat and clean are my key words for everything- from my bag to my car or my closet our house! lol

OK- let´s take a look inside! I am still carrying my tiny Dooney & Bourke wallet- do you even call it a wallet? It is only big enough to hold my car keys, a couple credit cards and my drivers license and an old $20 Dollar bill I am carrying around since many years-  in case I might need cash- which apparently never happens! lol!

I have inside my Flower lip gloss a new lip balm from Epic Blend in Banana. I got also inside my bag a little perfume sample "Pleasures"  from Estee Lauder, of course my iPhone, a pen, some hand sanitizer and always some gum.

Can you believe it? That´s it! Told you I am a neat person!

How do you like my new bag? I love it! I got it BTW at Marshalls!

I have this tag also on Youtube if you like to watch it.

Hopefully you have a fantastic weekend- I woke up to pretty chilly temperatures this morning here in sunny Florida. Brrr- I hope it will warm up later again (it usually does!).

XOXO, Sissi