kushyfoot- so comfy and kushy!

When kushyfoot approached me a couple of weeks ago I was not quite sure what this company was about as I have never heard of them.

Girl, am I happy to have tried a couple of their things! And now the name "kushyfoot" makes complete sense to me! They offer all kinds of socks, foot covers, tights and slippers to make your feet feel real happy and "kushy"! I have never seen these kind of socks and I am in love with them! Finally: my feet are comfortable in whatever shoe I am wearing!

Check out for example these cute foot covers. I got them in beige and black.

Not only are they super comfortable as the tip has this gel cushion- but they also look super cute when they peek out of the shoe! My husband said that these look hot! :-)

Kushyfoot has also super hot fishnet knee length socks! The sole massages your feet! You look sexy and still feel comfortable!

I got also some super opaque tights to try and these not only massage your feet but they also shape your tummy, hips and thighs! You look like you lost 5 pounds! lol

Another real cute idea are these sweet Flats to Go! They come in a little plastic pouch and you can just throw this in your handbag and whenever your feet are tired walking around in those high heels, put these little gems on and feel comfortable again! Plus your feet get massaged with the inner sole! I love leopard and these are so comfy and sweet. I like to wear them also in my house as slippers!

It feels also super comfortable to put these little foot covers into your flats and again: the design is so cute that it does not matter if they peek out a little bit. I had some black ones and some black ones with little white polka dots! So cute! I just love the little gel cushion inside! So comfy! I could not imagine anymore walking around without them and I am truly happy kushyfoot showed my how to stay comfy no matter which shoe I am wearing.

The price range is super affordable starting with $5.99. I can highly recommend any of their styles.


You will love these, I promise!

Have a great day,


Disclaimer: Kushyfoot send me free products in exchange for a review. Nevertheless I recommend only products I stand behind and share only my honest opinion and experiences. Contains Affiliate link.