Ageless Derma Camoufleur Concealer Review

Ageless Derma send me their Camoufleur Concealer for review. Lets get right into it: I noticed right a way the sleek modern packaging- I really like the feel of this little guy! And boy was I surprised when I put my finger in this. I was expecting something hard- like most concealers are- but this is super soft and tender.

I had to put it right to the test and luckily (or not! lol) I had a big pimple on my chin. This stuff is amazing you guys! I have never seen a concealer that conceals that strong! With a tiny amount I was able to cover almost my whole chin. I would have taken less of the product to just cover up the pimple but I did not know or expect that I only need that tiny of a amount!

I have the color "wheat" and it is like made for my skin tone. You just dab it on the area you like to conceal- soft and tender- and it will diminish in your skin- yes, sink into it and disguise whatever you want to disguise! A wonder! Really, I do not know a product with so much conceal power! Expect the highest conceal level possible and use only a tiny amount.

This is not meant for use as a foundation but just for fun I used this for my whole face! This is me before the concealer. Now look closely- I had that pimple on my chin- and I really have always a very red chin and I tend to some unevenness on my cheeks- I guess this comes from the constant sun in Florida and the first signs of aging of my skin of course.

Me before Ageless Derma Camoufleur Concealer

Now check me 5 minutes later with the concealer. The concealer was able to give me a complete flawless finish! My skin looked like from a doll! And the best part is: I needed for my whole face about a half (!) pee size! Yes you heard right! Never came across such a strong concealer.

Me with Ageless Derma Camoufleur Concealer

Let me show you on my arm how far a little goes. Even though this has such a strong concealing power- the concealer goes on like a soft foundation and is not cakey at all!

This concealer is made of 100% pure minerals that act as light reflectors, so it also gives you sun protection.  It contains also Vitamins A and E, green tea extracts and apple extract. Apple extract helps to bright those dark spots on the face as it also fights acne and adds antioxidant protection to the skin for anti aging skin cream benefits.

If you have any flaws that need to be covered such as scars, pimples, brown spots or dark under eye circles and have not found something that it strong enough- this stuff here will surely be able to do it.

I really can recommend this product and am loving it.

Pros: super strong concealer, feels super soft, easy to apply, great ingredients: vitamins and free of parabens
Cons: the price: $25 (but in my opinion it is worth it!)

Get the Ageless Derma Camofleur Concealer here.

Hope you have an fantastic Sunday,

Kisses,  Sissi

Disclaimer: Ageless Derma send me a free product for review. Nevertheless I recommend only products I stand behind and I am only sharing my honest opinion and experiences. Contains Affiliate links.