FASHION OVER 40: HOW TO STYLE A BLUE DRESS! A couple days ago we took a little walk at the Ringling Museum (the famous circus director Ringling used to actually live here!) and they were preparing for some kind of a event- so we took the chance and made some quick photos!

This dress is from Scarlett (you know it: TJ Maxx!) and I really love how the sleeves are big and wide with some cut ins on the shoulder. I also do love blue very much.


I am wearing my Ralph Lauren sandals and a big hat from Calvin Klein to fight those UV rays (and the wrinkling! hehe!).

I wish I would know what kind of event they were planning. It really looked interesting! A little oriental theme I would say. My guess is that this was a wedding! Too bad I wasn´t invited- lol!

Funny how much money people spend for their weddings. I always think if it would not be smarter to keep all the money and have as a down payment for their first home? Well- just my 2 cents! One day I have to share my wedding pictures - lol. This will be a shock for some of you as we had probably the smallest wedding possible! :-)

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Have a lovely day, Sissi