Let´s talk about trash!

Today we are going to be super trashy! ;-) Just kidding- you probably know already what I mean: these are my empties! I had a hard time keeping trash in a box in my closet because I am a very neat person and struggled a bit to know that I have all these empties in my house! lol! But I knew I want to do this post and that is why I stayed strong! So let me quickly tell you about everything:

Suave Advanced Therapy Body Lotion: This cheapy is really fresh and moisturizing well. I really like it.

Algemarin Shower Gel: OK, I don´t want to bore you long because this is not available in the US but I love this- so fresh like jumping in the ocean. When friends visit us from Germany they always have to bring me this stuff.

It´s a 10: I spoke about this in my January Favorites- I really love this stuff and already repurchased!

Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle: I originally bought this as a foundation but because I apparently chose a too dark color I used this as a bronzer. I do have oily skin and this worked great until the consistence of the mousse got strange. I have to throw it away now -even though there is still stuff inside- but it feels like jello. I will not repurchase this as I like powder better.

L`occitane Amande: This Body oil smells like Almonds and is delicious but quite pricey. If I am in a good mood I might repurchase it. (I got this oil in my Sephora Favorites Beauty oil essentials set).

Lancome Genifique Serum: This was also in my January Favorites and I really like the serum and would have purchased but still have to use up other serums!

Clarins Lisse: Another January Favorite: it instantly smoothes my wrinkles away and I really like it. But it is pricey and there is really not much inside! This was empty very quickly (I did not even use it daily!). But I am still considering to repurchase.

Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude: Love this stuff- it smells sexy! ;-) (from my Estee Lauder Perfume Set.)

Skyn Iceland Glacial Facial Wash: I had actually samples of the whole skin care line from Skyn Iceland but this facial wash I had to mention because it is outstanding! Fresh and gets your face squeaky clean!

Dr. Teals Foaming bath: I really love taking a bath but have not found yet a foaming bath which is my fave. I thought this was ok but not foaming very well and the smell was not very strong either. If any of you have a suggestions for a great foaming bath: please let me know! I would love something with Lavender or Rosemary or Eucalyptus. Nothing sweet please!

Loreal Evercreme Shampoo: Do your conditioners go empty also before the shampoo? I already emptied the conditioner a long time ago- that is why you see here only the shampoo. I really love this stuff and it smells amazing. I find the smell exotic and rich.

Loreal Preference Conditioner: If only I could buy this stuff seperate because I think this is one masterpiece- there is no better conditioner out there but you can get this only if you buy a Box of Loreal Preference Hair color.

Simple Oil balancing Cleansing wipes:  I love these- they get me super clean and I love to use them in the night after cleansing my face! They are also perfect to get rid of the make up on my neck.

Well Beginnings Scented wipes: sometimes I like to use Baby wipes for my face! lol! These were nice and the scent was nice and clean. I thought: if this stuff is good enough for a baby butt it certainly is fine for my face! :-)

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser samples: these are really fresh but I do not think they are OK for sensitive skin. The Advertisement promises self heating- but I had only a cooling effect- it is probably due to menthol. They are OK but I rather have a facial cleanser I can use also on my eye area.

Loreal Youthcode Pore Vanisher sample: it feels like a primer but my oily skin looked after about 3 hours shiny again- so I like still my Loreal Magic Perfecting Base better then this (and it is cheaper too!)

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream sample: this promises wrinkle results starting with the first day. I do not understand why companies would make such high promises as I do think this is impossible but the cream felt nice and fresh and light and I enjoyed my little sample.

Ziaja skin care samples: I reviewed a couple of items back in August (see my review here). They have 60 new products in their line and everything is under $10! And if you order 2 or more things you get all these samples to try! These samples are awesome because they allow you to try a wide range of their skin care line. I had samples with orange butter, cocoa, olive oil  avocado oil, argan oil or natural grape seed oil and I enjoyed each one of my samples! If you like you can check out Ziaja here.

Have you used any of my empties? Do you hate or love them?

Hope you have a fantastic day!

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Hugs, Sissi

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