Sephora Favorites Beauty Oil Essentials

A week ago I got this beautiful Sephora set with wonderful Beauty oils inside. I was - and still am- so excited to open this box and try everything! Today I like to share my thoughts about these oils with you.

This set has cleansers, body oils, face oils, hair oils and even one lip gloss!

Let´s start with the cleansing oils! I was not even aware that you can clean your face like this! What you do is- you apply the oil on your dry face and rub all the make up off with it!

boscia makeup-breakup and nude perfect cleansing oil

Then you wash the oil with the make up inside off with warm water. This really works! I could not believe it but even stubborn waterproof mascara got off like that. Now I like the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil a bit more then the *Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil because the Nude Cleanser feels a bit like after washing it off there is still some oil residue on my skin but this might be the better choice if you have dry skin.

I also really enjoy the two body oils also- they both smell so delicious and you know: I am a sucker for great smells!

Clarins Body Treatment Oil and Lóccitane Amande Oil

The Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil smell a bit like citrus with herbs and the L'OCCITANE Amande smells like Almond. The L'OCCITANE bottle is really super tiny- I thought that was a bit stingy from them! ;-) I know they are very expensive but still: 0.5 fl.oz? That is not much!

I also love the hair oils so very much! I have very dry hair and love to put some oil on my ends- it makes my hair look shiny and healthy.

Josie Maran, Bumble and Bumble and Alterna Bamboo Hair oils

My favorite is the *Alterna Bamboo Kendi Oil because it smells so nice (sweet with a hint wood), but I also love the Bumble and Bumble Bb Hairdresser´s Invisible oil (smells nice too) and the *Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum. The last two ones are a little bit more on the gel like structure and you really need not much of all of these products so they will last me a long time.

Off to the face oils! I was so very excited for the *Josie Maran oil because I see it all over the YouTube world and the Beauty Blogger world- but I have to say that it is not my big love.

Josie Maran light Facial oil, Tarte Maracuja oil, Ole Henriksen oil, Nude skin care oil.

I have an oily face and just like you would think: if I apply oil on top of my oily face I am just a hot mess! Shiny all over my face. This is not just a glow I get! But: I really enjoy using a face oil in the night. My pillow does not care how shiny my face looks! I was also expecting it to smell really nice but it is just this smell of a natural oil- you know what I mean? The same thing applies BTW for the Nude ProGenius and also for the *Tarte Pure Maracuja oil (really wanted that one to smell like Maracuja- but it does not AT ALL!).

The *Ole Henrikson oil I have not tried yet, although it makes big promises and I am actually excited to try it out- but you can not reverse the time in one week anyway lol! It promises Youth activating and it has Vitamin A, C and Omega 3,6,9 included. Don´t understand why I haven´t tried that one yet? Cause I could handle some youth activating! ;-) But I will for sure and will keep you updated.

The set also came with a lip gloss from *Bite. It has lots of cinnamon inside and it gives you that tingling feeling on your lips. Despite the scary orange color it applies pretty clear and neutral. I find that it plumps the lips maybe a hint for 1-2 hours but I enjoy the taste- I anyway do not care of having plumped lips- haha!


Overall this set is really so much fun and I love to use all these oils. The set was $56 and has a value of $162. If you also want this set it is probably a good idea to hurry to Sephora because I think this will be sold out fast!

Get the Sephora Favorites Beauty Oil Essentials here.

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So long you guys- I wish you a wonderful start into the week,

Kisses, Sissi

JOSIE MARAN is cruelty-free! It does NOT test on animals. (Source: PETA as of April 2014) 

TARTE is cruelty-free! It does NOT test on animals. (Source: PETA as of April 2014)

Nude Skin care is cruelty-free! (Source Phyrra as of April 2014) 

Ole Henrikson is cruelty-free! (Source Phyrra as of April 2014)

Alterna is cruelty-free! (Source Phyrra as of April 2014)

BITE Beauty is cruelty-free (Source: The Leaping Bunny) and features the Leaping Bunny Logo.

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