Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Review

I recently tried the Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips and I like to share my experience with you. These new whitestrips promise to whiten your teeth like a $500 professional treatment. It also promises that the strips stretch much better then it´s versions before and to get a "custom fit". It also gives you a bit more lengths (30% longer) then the whitestrips before to cover more teeth. It also costs more! LOL!

The really big drawback I noticed right away while reading the directions: you have to leave these strips on for ONE FULL HOUR A DAY FOR 14 DAYS!!!

Let´s get right into it. I do not find that these strips feel or taste any other like the versions before- if you have ever tried any Crest whitestrips- the feeling of these is exactly the same and the taste too. I could not really feel a difference "stretch wise" either- but I did not really stretch around anyway.

Maybe they cover a bit more of the teeth you could not reach before but not very noticeable- but to have them in your mouth for 1 full hour is really quiet annoying. In the beginning you think you can not talk or anything but you get used to them. 1 hour still seems VERY long in my opinion.

I used these together with my husband so it was kind off funny how we walked around in the house with our mouth full. After one hour you have to almost "spit" them out- a good bet is to do it into your sink lol.

To the results: after only 1 use my husbands teeth really looked noticeable whiter!

He kept using it for a full week (yes, everyday 1 hour! Who has so much time? lol). His teeth were so freaking white, he really did not need to use any more- more white then white? Not possible. So I can say these whitestrips really worked great on him.

My husband has tried older versions of the Crest whitestrips also and these really work so much quicker and stronger- but therefore you did not had to use the older versions for 1 hour.

Now for me the results were a bit different: after only 1 use I noticed something that really scared me: my teeth got very white- almost clear and I could see tiny fine cracks on my teeth which I was not even aware to have! I know that since many years I am grinding my teeth (to be exact: since my son is born hehe!) while sleeping but I had no clue that I am already cracking my own teeth with this!

I got really scared by this experience and because of this never used it again. But I have to admit I do not have very yellow teeth anyway and did not really need the system in the first place- lol. Now fortunately after a couple days the cracks got less and less noticeable and my teeth look now normal again.

So overall I can really recommend these even though they did not work out for me. Use your inner guts- if you have sensitive teeth maybe try the first time only 30 minutes and check the results. For the price you can really not complain and to save $500 for a professional cleaning- I admit this box is the better alternative with the same results- it takes longer but for the price it is worth it I think.

Pros: great results for a much lower price then at the dentist

Cons: maybe not for sensitive or "cracked" teeth like mine, 1 hour leave on time is ridiculous long!

Get the Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips here.

Have you used these or an older version? How was your experience?

XOXO, Sissi

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