I like to share today my favorite products from January! Products I loved and used a bunch!

I love the "It´s a 10" miracle leave-in product. It smoothes my hair, smells fresh and feels wonderful. My hair feels relaxed and so soft and conditioned. My travel size bottle is almost empty- only draw back: I find it kinda pricey- this little bottle was $14.99. I have very thick, dry and a bit coarse hair and recommend this product for this kind of hair. If you have thin and fine hair this could maybe weigh your hair down a bit. *

I love my Lancome Genifique Serum. I feel like it sinks right away into my skin and hydrates my skin from deep within without being greasy or oily. This is only a super sized sample I got in my Lancome Blockbuster Set and it did last now probably 3 weeks (only applying in the night) and will only last a couple more days. I think I will invest in this and buy the full size.

Love my new Chapstick 8 hours. I use it in the night and this works out perfect since I am sleeping 8 hours! haha! This is the Vanilla one and it tastes almost neutral which I like. This is my perfect night lover!

The Clarins Lisse Minute smoothes wrinkles instantly away- it is a bit tricky to apply- you can not really put make up on top, so this is the last step you do when you are done with your make up and smooth it on your wrinkles- if you have wrinkles lol-  (I use it on my forehead). Although I do not find that my wrinkles are completely gone I think this makes a big difference.

Love also my Physicians Formula Baked Eye shadows- perfect colors- super neutral and long wearing power. Great!

The Sally Hansen nail polish I got from my sweet Shalunya is fantastic! (Thank you again sweetheart!) I love playing around with it. So pigmented! So silver and lovely! If you apply 2 coats this can last 10 days!

This month I was also wearing a lot my Lancome lip gloss. It is a little bit iridescent but otherwise very natural and has a hint of a sweet taste. Love wearing it.

If you are lazy and don´t want to read you can also listen to me! ;-)

These were all my favorites of January!

Wish you a wonderful start into the week!

Kisses, Sissi

* It´s a 10 is cruelty free and features the Leaping Bunny Logo! (Source: The Leaping Bunny as of April 2014) 

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