How to get rid of wrinkles without Botox!

Today I want to tell you how to get rid of wrinkles without Botox- or at least make them appear less harsh- some tips that with continued use can make a difference and some with instant results! I know that some of my readers are too young to even think of wrinkles- but I promise: the time will come when you start to worry too! lol. Hopefully by then they found a new wonder cream, but I doubt it. Since I am getting fine lines on my forehead I am on the constant hunt on how to fix this I like to share with you some tricks and tips I found out.

And yes, there is the option of Botox. Just not an option for me! :-) Little side note: if you consider Botox- never do it in a mall or on a Botox party- do yourself the favor and choose a dermatologist from this list here. Thank you!

If Botox is also not an option for you, either because you do not want chemicals in your body or simply because it is too expensive, here is my list on what you can do. I hate to say it but there will be no wonder cream. You can do all the points together or pick your favorites- all combined are a great way on how to improve the look of your wrinkles. Some things you need to do for the rest of your life and some are only cosmetic temporarily solutions. But remember: Botox is also only temporarily- nothing will diminish the wrinkles forever- except maybe a facelift but the pure thought of it makes me crinkle.

  • Eat healthy! Avoid sugar and alcohol!

Limit your alcohol and your candy intake! Scientist know by now that sugar and alcohol ages our skin faster. If we have too much sugar in our body (alcohol works just like sugar in our body) it will sit in our skin and literally oxidize and make us look older. Everybody has seen that women (or men)  that just looks like an alcoholic, right? Big pores, red nose- you just see it. Now she might be 35 but looks for sure like 50. It is the sugar in the alcohol that made her look like that.

Limit your salt intake: it dries our body and skin out.

It should be pretty clear but I like to mention it: do not smoke!

On the other hand it is important to get your vitamins and antioxidants. Vitamin A, C, E and Omega 3 are great sources for your skin. It is recommended to try to get these naturally through your food intake (vegetables, green tea, wine, nuts, nut oils) because it is easier to absorb for your body but if this is not possible: Go and get your supplements.

  • Sun protection! Always wear SPF- even on rainy days!


We hear it over and over but until you see your first wrinkles you will probably not stay out of the sun. It seems not very important but the sun is the main reason why our skin ages. So, stay out of the sun, wear your sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) daily (even if it snows- the UV rays don´t sleep), wear sunglasses, wear a hat. I live in Florida so I am especially careful. (I can recommend Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch SPF 55).

  • Conceal them! Try to conceal annoying wrinkles!

A simple solution but it will help to cover those unsightly wrinkles! I just bought myself for the first time in my life the YSL Touche Eclat and it is really fantastic- it will reflect the light smartly and make the wrinkles appear smaller. Find yourself a great foundation and a concealer or highlighter (light reflecting but without glitter!) and practice on how to cover these beasts up!

  • Try Instant Wrinkle Remover!

I love to prime my face before my foundation and this can already make a big difference. If you need more- try a wrinkle filler. I have tried the Clarins Lisse Minute (discontinued, try instead Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting touch or check my favorite instant wrinkle removers) with great results but it is very tricky to apply, I admit! You can not use it before your make up but have to use it as a very last step. Try to put this silicone based cream right into the wrinkles and softly pat it in- this is of course only a temporarily effect and lasts only a couple of hours.

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  • Try Suddenchange!

A fun trick I use sometimes is Suddenchange 3 Minute Under Eye Firming Serum. This product is- like the name suggests- not made for the forehead- but I tried it and it works! This is a little magic but for a really low price (at Walgreens under $10). It is also very, very tricky to apply! I had to try a couple of different times until I finally found out how I can apply it.

The thing is that this will not work if you have dry skin- this product will dry you out like crazy and you can not moisturize before it either as the product is not able to stay on your skin with any greasiness. I have oily skin and so I apply it right after cleansing my face. Now the problem is that you can not put it on make up either.

So what I do is this: I mix a couple drops of Suddenchange with my favorite foundation in my palms together and apply it very fast on the desired area (my forehead!). This dries very quick and like little magic my skin will pull itself together and make the wrinkles disappear. You can not reapply- you have to apply it quickly. I had to practice this a couple times until I found my way. This is really nothing for the daily basis as I find this feels almost like applying super glue on my skin. It feels hard and stiff and very tight- but if you maybe have a date night or some special occasion and want to look younger- this surely will help.

I think there is other options out there too for a temporarily effect (I heard of Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum solutions) but I have not tried another one.

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  • Use products with Retinol, Antioxidants and Exfoliate!

Yes, there is no magical cream but some products are proven to help your skin. Retinol is probably still No 1 skin care ingredient against aging (you can also go to your dermatologist and he can prescribe a higher percentage- it is called then Retinoid). I love Resist Intense Wrinkle Repair Retinol Serum from Paula´s choice.

Also Antioxidants (Hyaluronic Acid is a great one- it plumps your skin because it will get water into your skin) and Vitamin A, E, C are also great for your skin. I think Serums are the new way to go as they are not greasy and you can apply a lot of different serums at once- just wait until one serum dried on your skin and apply the next serum. I am just trying the Ultra Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum from Paula´s choice also and I am loving it.

Important also: exfoliate! As we get older the skin needs a little help to renew itself. But please do not use scrubs as they can hurt your skin- use chemical exfoliaters instead. (More about the dangers of scrubs and how you should exfoliate here). I am using also from Paula´s choice Resist Triple Action BHA Gel. As you can see I am loving Paula´s choice! :-) You can also try a peel at your dermatologist to get rid of these top layers of old skin.

  • Massage your wrinkles

Every night when I watch TV I just massage a little my forehead. This will also release stress- it can not hurt for sure.

  • Try Frownies

I am using Frownies since a couple weeks. I read very good reviews- try it out if this works for you. I will give it the full 16 weeks which is the supply I got to finalize my words on this but I do not see a big difference with these at the moment. It is basically only brown paper tape and it is cut in triangles- you just put this tape on in the night while you sleep and hope for the magic in the morning!

It stops you from frowning in the night. They have these for all kinds of different facial areas. I do not think that you can ever stop using these as the wrinkles will always reappear again when you stop using these. This might not be the right choice if you are freshly married as your husband might not like the look of it! LOL! Good thing my husband does not care anymore after 17 years. haha! :-) They are not expensive and last a long time ($20 for 16 week supply).

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  • Try Dermaflage

While researching on what to do I found also Dermaflage. It is actually made for deep scars to cover them up. This will only hold for a day and is of course only a temporarily solution but maybe the right one for you? It is basically some silicone you put into the wrinkles (this is more for really deep wrinkles) but in the color of your skin (they have a couple of colors to choose from). I have not tried this one yet and it seems pretty pricey (starts with $50).


  • Try a Dermaroller

The first time I have ever heard about a dermaroller was a couple weeks back on Mingaile Tarpys blog. It scared me and it intrigued me at the same time. You can find her guest post on my blog here. It is a needle roller and you roll it on your skin. Basically you hurt your skin and your skin tries then to heal itself and then the magic happens: it will (hopefully) produce new collagen to fill the tiny holes you made.


  • Try Acupuncture

I also found that there is now therapies with Acupuncture against wrinkles. It kinda makes sense as the name "frown lines" seems like it comes from stress and the Acupuncture tries to relieve the stress. This will not happen after one procedure- you have to probably go every week to see a difference but I don´t know- I have not tried it yet.

At last I like to share another idea to cover up your wrinkles:

  • Try bangs

Why not? Just change your hair style with some cute bangs to cover up all those frown lines and forehead lines! (no need to cut your hair- just use some clip on bangs! :-)

I hope this helps some girls out there who struggle like me with the first signs of aging!

XOXO, Sissi

I also made a Youtube Video with these tips!

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