Beauty Love Affair Tag

Welcome to the Beauty Love Affair tag. We know you're not the kind to kiss and tell; but we want to know. We want the juiciest stories about your current love. Tell us about your worst heartbreaks. Give us the juicy details of your steamiest affair. We want to know if it was love it first sight. Tell us who turned out to be a total jerk. Confide in us about your sweetest temptation. Don't worry, this isn't about the men; it's all about your Beauty Love Affair.

The Rules:
1 Answer each question with the name of a beauty product and, if you'd like, explain why.
2. Give out more Valentines (tag other bloggers).
3. If you are tagged more than once please feel free to answer the questions again using a different type of product. If you answered the first time with skincare, then answer again with an eye, lip, face, nails, or hair product. 

First Love
Oh.. You remember what it was like to fall in love for the first time. Such bliss and excitement! Who was your first love?

Oh yes, I remember! Gosh was I in love! I had butterflies, hot flashes and sweet dreams! I was probably 8 years old and I loved him so much! He could do so many different things! He was like magic to me! He did things with my lips, my hair, my eyes but also with my nails! He was so young but still knew it all! 

Barbie Make up set

Puppy Love
Before you knew your real love, there were those childhood crushes that sometimes blossomed into a cute puppy love. Who was yours?

I see it still vividly before me: I remember, I was around 14 and I wanted him so badly! He looked so cute and colorful! That was the one I wanted to have so badly! So I called my mom at work to ask her if it was OK if I use him! I was very excited if she would allow it. She thought that was funny and allowed it! haha! BTW: we are still in contact and I still like him!

Margaret Astor eye pencil

Love Triangle
Such a predicament. This one is so sweet and demure, but this one is so bold and sexy. Tell us about being torn between two lovers. Who were the players in your love triangle? 

I have this hot lover since many years (Loreal Infallible lip gloss). He tastes so sweet and I can always depend on him. But I recently got introduced to a new one (Mary Kay) and I have to say: he is a pretty hot guy too! It is kind of hard to choose! I am so torn and don´t know what I should tell them! I do not want to destroy any relationship so I just keep them both! But psst: don´t tell them please!

Loreal Infallible lip gloss and Mary Kay lip gloss

Current Love
Dating? Engaged? Married? Who is your main squeeze? Tell us about the one you can't live without or can't seem to let go of. Who is your current love?

Now don´t judge me. I never thought this would happen so quick- but it did! We dated 1 day, the next day we got engaged and the third day we married! It is true love! Trust me!

Even though you're committed to your current love, looking around and admiring from afar never hurt anyone... Who are you secretly crushing on?

I have to admit that I am very curious about this guy. OK I admit- he is famous but he is looking so hot! Every time I see him in magazines and on the Internet I want him! I know he loves hanging out in the sun- just like me! We are actually made for each other! Sometimes I feel like he wants me too! Is this possible? Or is it just my imagination? :-)

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Blind Date

Which was The One that was introduced by a friend or mailbox company e.g Ipsy that you love?

I got introduced by his parents (DermOrganic) to this guy otherwise I would not even know him. I am so happy they introduced me cause he is so dependable and I do not want to live without him anymore! (Find my Dermorganic review here.)


Steamy Affair

Which was The One that you left your steadfast regular for; the sexy, handsome one that caught your eye and had you hooked in a Steamy Affair?

So a couple of month ago I have to admit, I had a really steamy but short affair with this guy. Gosh, he smells so Iuxurious! It was so hot with him! I really want to have him back but this guy is not cheap! ($98)

Sweet Temptation
Which was The One that has snagged your attention but you are only tempted by, you don't know yet whether you want a Steamy Affair or not with?

With him I had a short affair too and I don´t really know!  I mean he was sexy and really great but still have not decided if I want to see him again! (Find my Estee Lauder perfume review here).

Estee Lauder Sensous Nude

Love At First Sight

You saw it and immediately you loved it.

Well, I can tell you! Love at first sight can really happen! When I saw him I immediately knew he is the one for me! I know him since 20 years- he is always there for me, calms me, makes me happy and I admit- I love his look too. He is the perfect guy that never cheated on me!

Double Date

They came in a box set; two great things for the price of one. 

I can top a double date- I was out with these 3 cute guys- they work all great together in a team- complement me and make me a happy women!

Friend Zone
You just knew he was amazing; but he's not all that. Who have you relegated to the friend zone? 

This is a very good friend of mine. I do not want to miss him ever- he is very dependable and not fake-just so real, no glimmer - just pure friendship and what I need.

Profusion bronzing pearls

Worst Breakup
You wanted to love him forever; but you quickly discovered that he was not 'Mr. Right.' In fact he was awful and broke your heart. Who was your worst breakup? 

When I looked at this guy from far I thought he must be amazing but boy was I wrong! All the golden letters on his shirt and his buttery face- don´t let him fool you- he is not worth it! What a sucker he was! (Find my Estee Lauder eye pencil review here).

Estee Lauder Eye pencil

Total Loser
You were giddy when he asked you out. You had high hopes for a long relationship. Instead he was a complete dud. Who was your total loser?

Now I know this guy is cheap but that is what I liked first on him. But unfortunately he is not only cheap but sucks in every way. Never again! (Find my elf eye pencil review here).

Elf eye pencil

Long Lost Love
You were young and he was among your firsts. You grew, you moved on, you two lost touch with each other. Recently you bumped into each other again and you remembered all the reasons you liked him. Who is your long lost love?

Totally forgot him! Know him since a long long time but recently met him at Target! He looked at me and reminded me instantly how fun it is to go out for dinner with him because he would never leave you- even after a 5 meal course- he will stay on your lips and listen to you forever! I know after a while his humor is a bit dry but it is easy to moisten him up again! How could I ever forget him?

Covergirl Superstay

Major Lust 
You haven't yet met. You're just loving him from afar because you feel like he's out of your league. Who is your major lust? 

OK, I know what you are thinking: he is a STAR. What is she thinking? But are we not allowed to dream? Really would love to have him, even if it is only for one night!

YSL lipstick

Now you know all about my loves, affairs and friends!

So long you guys- I wish you a wonderful start into the week,

Hope you enjoyed this too.

XOXO, Sissi

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