How to get rid of frown lines between brows with a dermaroller!

This is a guest post by Mingaile Tarpy from Min´s Beauty Equipment

Today I will tell you how I got rid of my frown lines between my eyes with a dermaroller! I started looking after my skin when I was still a teenager, then when I turned 26 or 27 I started noticing some lines on my face, which always concerned me. I didn’t do much about it at that time except for applying a moisturizer. Then at the age of 31 I decided to fight back. I started doing some research about aging and various devices available for skin rejuvenation. The most impressive of all was a dermaroller.

First of all, it has a lot of great reviews. A lot of people absolutely love it. Secondly, I also love it as I can see the effect it has on my skin. Thirdly, it only costs a few pounds to buy, a small fraction of any other anti-aging devices. So, what’s not to like about it?

The only drawback I can think of is that it should not be used when you have any skin problems, such as psoriasis, active acne spots or herpes, which is often the case with my skin. Even then I can’t complain much, because the same applies to any other anti-aging device, maybe with one or two exceptions.

What do dermarollers do?

A dermaroller is a hand-held rolling device with lots of needles. It is used to rejuvenate skin, reduce the appearance of scars, improve the texture of the skin and even to reduce stretch marks. While rolling on your face it creates tiny holes in your skin. This results in increased skin permeability, which in turn means better absorption of skin care products. What’s even better, the right size needles, such as 1.5mm in length or longer, forces collagen and elastin regeneration, which are the main building blocks of skin.

How do you use a dermaroller?

It is best to use a dermaroller at night, right before going to bed. You will need a sterilizing solution (such as rubbing alcohol), a serum and a moisturizer.  Although a serum and a moisturizer are optional, a sterilizing solution is absolutely necessary.  Having sterilized your skin and the dermaroller you can start rolling the device over your skin.

It is advised to roll a few times up and down, then left to right and a few times across your face. You should only use short needles around the eye area, otherwise, avoid it. Once you are finished with rolling, put on some serum and a moisturizer (if needed) on top of it.

Your skin will burn after the rolling. It will be red and a tiny bit swollen. You might get a few little dots of blood showing on your face. Don’t worry about all of this, it won’t last long, maybe an hour or so. By the morning your skin should feel absolutely fine. Use a sun cream with high SPF for a couple of days after this procedure.

My personal experience in using dermarollers:

I had these annoying two lines (glabellar lines) in between my eyebrows which had started appearing when I was only 27, so I targeted them. I am very pleased with the results as the lines faded, which proved that the whole concept was working.

My forehead four years ago (at the top) and

now (bottom picture) after using a dermaroller to smooth out the wrinkles

For those who have never considered Botox injections for line smoothing this device may sound crazy, but I know at least a couple of girls that have been addicted to Botox since their mid or late twenties. So, for all those young Botox fans I would highly recommend to replace that expensive habit with a dermaroller.

Thank you so kindly Mingaile Tarpy for providing this interesting article.

I hope you all found this article helpful!

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