How to do a smokey eye with small hooded eyes!

This is my week of lot´s of "first´s". First haul video, first YouTube tag, first Giveaway- and yesterday I uploaded my very first Make up tutorial! I never thought I would do that...but I did! LOL! I am not a make up pro by any means, but I know a couple of tricks which might maybe help 1 or 2 girls. So here are my little tips & tricks if you have -like me- small hooded eyes.

Stay on your eyes with the eye shadow!


It looks best (in my opinion) if you do not smoke your eyeshadow up until your eyebrow but stay instead "on your eyeball" with your eye shadow. I find it makes my eyes look even smaller if I go up until the eyebrow, so I keep my eye shadow always close to my eye. Oh and BTW: you can do a smokey eye with lots of different colors! Here are some examples:

Don´t use dark eye pencils in your waterline!


I find also that it opens my eyes up if I do not pay too much attention on my lower lash line- so I barely put eyeshadow or eye pencil on my waterline- only if I want an dramatic look or cat eye.

Try to not use Mascara on your lower lash line!


 I also don´t put mascara on my lower lashes. I want the attention going up to my eye and not pull it down. (This is very individual- on some girls it might even help to make the eyes appear larger if they put mascara on the lower lash line- try out what works best for you).

Wear nude eye pencil in your waterline!


A great trick to open up your eyes is to use a nude eye pencil in your waterline. I love my new Rimmel "Scandaleyes" for my waterline. Remember, how they used to make the waterline white to open up your eyes? Well this one works so much better because it looks absolutely natural.

When you are tired your waterline tends to look red and this will diminish that look and make your eyes look wider and awake. For under $4 I am impressed- this one here is a keeper because it is waterproof and does not smudge and stays put on me all day!

 I have also heard girls using visine eye drops to make their eyes look more white- I have never tried it- but maybe this will help you too?


Don´t paint your eyebrows too dark! 


I do barely ever paint my eyebrows because I find it looks to harsh and fake (on me!). I find that if I make my eyebrows too dark it closes also the line from my eyes to my forehead and makes my eyes appear smaller. (But: I think if you are a brunette it should be ok to fill them in.)

Hope you find this helpful!

Have a great happy weekend!

XOXO, Sissi